Saltrock Review


We love Saltrock clothes, I remember buying their t-shirts and stickers as far back as university and the kids wardrobe always has some Saltrock items in because they are so hard wearing.

Saltrock recently offered us the chance to review some products and I must admit I was spoilt for choice. Read on to see what we thought and for a special 10% Saltrock discount code just for snowingindoors readers.

Saltrock Review |

After much deliberation I chose the Target fur lined hoodie for Ez in hydro. I went with a size bigger than he currently takes to deal with growth spurts and maximise the life of this gorgeous hoodie.

Saltrock Review | Saltrock Review |

The fabric is chunky and it’s a really warm top. Ez loves it because it is blue and I love it because I know he’ll be toasty whatever the weather.

For Annie I picked a Nauticali Skater Skirt and the Tropicana Crew Neck Tee. They’re floaty, summery items and perfect for our little surf chick.

Saltrock Review | Saltrock Review |

Annie loves the fact she can layer up this t-shirt thanks to it’s cut off sleeves and that the skirt can be worn as a top or skirt – perfect for the girl who likes to mix it up.

My items were harder to pick, simply because there were so many things I would have loved, but eventually I went with the Phantom Warm Pullover Sweater and the Retro Surf Chic T-shirt.

The sweater is officially lush, it’s a lovely relaxed top and perfect for candle-lit hygge evenings reading or long walks around the park on a blustery day. It is wonderfully tactile and I often notice Ez cuddled up stroking the sleeve!

Saltrock Review |

I’m saving the t-shirt for our (fingers crossed) long hot summer, I love the design, its a great summery image and the relaxed neckline is gorgeous.

Saltrock Review |

Saltrock clothing is perfect for our kiddos because it’s so hardwearing and fantastic value for money. I love their surf styled clothes because they’re always so comfortable and look great.

The clothes have washed well and retained their shape and colour and Saltrock remain a brand I will always recommend to friends and family who are on the lookout for a clothing brand that is perfect for all the family.

I am very happy to share a 10% discount code for all snowingindoors readers at the Saltrock website. Simply enter SNOW10 at the checkout for the discount to be applied.

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An Open Letter To My Son’s Anger


Dear Anger,

I hope you’re ok, I’m guessing you must be tired though, all the overtime you’ve been putting in recently.

An Open Letter To My Son's Anger |

You are doing a super job making sure Ezra’s life is fair, that no-one borrows (touches or looks at) his toys, that he gets exactly the same amount of sweets as his sister and that I know precisely how much he dislikes having to put his own socks on.

It’s been a busy 4 years for you, you’ve been an over achiever ever since Ez was born, ensuring we never accidentally thought he liked his car seat, being alone, sleeping or being put down.

You perfected the ‘throw myself to the ground screaming and go rigid’ tantrum as well as the, ‘floppy noodle’ of extreme passive resistance and how happy you must have been when Ezra learned to talk so you could add ‘shouting mean things’ to your repertoire.

But how about taking the weekend off, maybe even longer? I bet you could do with a rest, you must be exhausted, why don’t you let one of Ezra’s other emotions have a go, maybe Reason could make an appearance, we’ve not seen him in quite some time!

The staff at preschool say they never get to see you, which is brilliant, but how about chilling out a bit at home? Just think, with all that free time you could be take up a hobby or do a sponsored silence, trust me I’ll make a huge donation.

I understand you play a big part in Ezra’s emotional make-up, I’ve watched Inside Out, I know the deal, but there’s a fine line between being passionate and turning Ez into a grumpy, tantrum monster.

This morning I told Ezra he had to use words if he wanted me to do something, not just grunt at me and you took over for at least 20 minutes, by the end Ez and I both had headaches and Ezra ended up asking for help, like I’d told him to in the first place!

I’m not kicking you out, but wouldn’t life have been easier if you had expressed your upset but then let Joy take over so we could have avoided the screaming, ‘anger raspberries’, mean words and rage crying?

I guess what I’m saying is, keep up the good work, make sure Ez experiences fairness and he doesn’t turn into a doormat, but how about dropping down to part time hours?!

Lots of love,
Ez’s Mum xx

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Rain, Rain and More Rain


This weekend it rained a lot!

It was torrential on Saturday, we popped into town first thing and then spent the rest of the day hiding indoors.

My main reason for going out was to buy the last 3 glitter swirl lamps in the Smiggle sale. I only really wanted one, to use as a calm down jar with Ez, but when we saw them Annie and I wanted one too!

The rest of the day was spent  chilling out, Ez counted his pocket money, Jon played Drakes Fortune and many mugs of tea were consumed.

On Sunday the sun came out so we headed over to Tewksbury, we took some photos (before my battery died and I had to leave the camera in the car!), had a cuppa and went for a walk along the river / flood.

When we were at the furthest point from the car, on a very muddy riverbank, the heavens opened and for 10 minutes it hammered down. I don’t think I’ve ever been so soggy, there was rain in my shoes, in my pockets and I could have wrung my socks out and filled a bathtub!

When we got home we lit the fire, stuck the heating on, put on our warmest PJs and watched Ghostbusters all curled up on the sofa, a perfect end to a great weekend.

Point + Shoot Rain, Rain and More Rain | Tewksbury | (1)Point + Shoot Rain, Rain and More Rain | Tewksbury | (2)Point + Shoot Rain, Rain and More Rain | Tewksbury | (3)Point + Shoot Rain, Rain and More Rain | Tewksbury | (4)Point + Shoot Rain, Rain and More Rain | Tewksbury | (5)Point + Shoot Rain, Rain and More Rain | Tewksbury | (6)Point + Shoot Rain, Rain and More Rain | Tewksbury | (7)Point + Shoot Rain, Rain and More Rain | Tewksbury | (8)

What did you get up to this weekend?

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Point + Shoot – 09.02.2016


Thank you to everyone who joined in with Point + Shoot last week.

My post this week is mostly us hiding from the rain!

My favourite photo from last week comes from Ky over at Clementine Rocks, that slide looks fun!

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

You don’t have to play every week, just drop by when you have something to share. You don’t need a fancy DSLR either, a phone camera works just as well.

As for the photos, they can be absolutely anything. If you saw it, or did it, at the weekend, then photograph it and link up.


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Living Arrows


Living Arrows | 5/52 |

“You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth”

After preschool last week we went on a scooter adventure with Ez’s best friend, they boys had a blast despite the rain.

Preschool is the first chance Ezra has had to choose his own friends, not just the kids of my friends, and he has great taste, makes me so proud of him.

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SarahNickNicks Hat Review


I love a bobble hat as much as I love mugs of tea, which is to say, an awful lot, so when Sarah from the lovely SarahNickNicks Etsy store offered me one of her hats to review my answer was an obvious yes!

Sarah is an intriguing person, she is on her way to becoming a doctor and crafts in her spare time. She draws, paints and knits and her Etsy store is full of gorgeous goodies to choose from.

The hat she sent me is made from super soft merino wool and with contrasting band and bobble. It’s the perfect colour because the bobble matches my hair (when I remember to dye it!).

The knit is chunky and relaxed so it fits perfectly, there are no itchy bits and the seam is barely noticeable. It’s really warm and is the perfect length to cover my ears and still sit comfortably on my head.

Review Hat #SarahNickNicks @sarahnicknicks | (1)Review Hat #SarahNickNicks @sarahnicknicks | (3)Review Hat #SarahNickNicks @sarahnicknicks | (2)

This hat has become my go to grab when I’m leaving on the school run and it must be gorgeous, because Annie keeps trying to steal it and we all know that kiddo has impeccable taste.

For lush hats and more take a trip over to Sarah’s Etsy store and check it out for yourself.

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