Clickin Moms Review and Giveaway


Read to the end for a 20% discount off Clickin Moms membership…

I remember when I was really getting into photography I was sad that I didn’t know anyone else who enjoyed my favourite past time.

So one of the biggest confidence boosters and helpful online sources was the Clickin Moms forum.

Clickin Moms is an amazing resource for professional photographers and those still learning. It’s aimed at women, but you don’t have to be a Mum!

Clickin Moms Logo |

There are forums, discount buys, free templates and actions and it’s a perfect way to find new photographers and inspiration. I love the ‘ask a pro’ section, a very helpful resource.

There is also CMUniversity, full of courses aimed at every level and style of photographer. I am currently enjoying a really helpful course on Lifestyle photography by Brittany Chandler, a bargain at on £17.

The reason I decided to make the leap and join was the fact it has a 30 day money back guarantee. I felt safe that if I explored and realised it wasn’t for me I could simply send them an email and get a full refund.

It costs $60 a year, which is about £40. I think it’s great value, especially given all the freebies and help there. I made the jump to fully manual mode thanks to Clickin Moms.

I am really happy to be able to offer you a 20% discount off a Clickin Moms membership. Enter the code SI20 when registering to get the discount, but don’t delay, the discount code expires on February 6th 2015.

If you join up don’t forget to pop over and say hi to me :)

In keeping with my ‘Make the Move to Manual’ series, I have a 12 month subscription to Clickin Moms and a subscription to their online magazine, Click to give away to one lucky reader.

Entry is nice and simple, just use the Rafflecopter form below and complete as many steps as you fancy…

a Rafflecopter giveaway


  • Only one Rafflecopter entry form per household
  • Open to worldwide entries
  • You must be over 18 to enter
  • The competition closes on February 13th at 12AM
  • I will contact the winner within 3 days of the competition closing
  • If I do not hear back within 7 days then the competition will be redrawn and a new winner chosen

Don’t forget though, that if you join up and then win the competition you can get a full refund by emailing Clickin Moms.

I love the Clickin Moms community, it’s packed full of lovely, helpful women and photographic inspiration, hope to see you on the forums soon.

Disclosure: I was gifted a 12 month membership to the Clickin Moms forum in exchange for an honest review. I am not receiving any monetary compensation to write this post or host this competition. I was not given a discount on my CMU course purchase either.

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Things I Want to Remember #2


The sound of Annie padding into our room far too early on a Sunday morning.

The creak of the bed as she sits down next to me and tells me about her dreams.

Her cold feet and hands as she cuddles up, doing her best to make me wake and get up.

Her language, so grown up and old fashioned.

Her cries of, ‘oh hang on’ as she dashes downstairs to write a story, a letter or draw her plans for the day.

The sheets of A4 paper, filled with her handwriting and drawings of her wearing a crown, words tumbling over themselves with the excitement of being able to get her thoughts down on paper.

Tales of her, ‘one true love’, descriptions of what her wedding will be like, the names she will give her children and the places she will visit.

Hearing the lullabies she makes up for Ez or her voice singing earnestly along to the Frozen soundtrack, or songs from Cats.

Listening to the jobs she’d like, being a ‘Strictly Come Dancer’, a nurse or a fairy or a chef. Changing constantly but always said with complete trust that she will do that one day.

Her long hair, messy after a long day at school, so blonde and straight.

Things I want to Remember | Annie |

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Make the Move to Manual – White Balance


You might have noticed that using your camera in different places and lighting situations can result in your photos having a yellow, blue or green tinge.

This is because different light sources have a different ‘temperature’ even though they look the same to the naked eye.

colour temperature | make the move to manual photoraphy tutorial white balance |

Colour temperature is measured in Kelvin (K). A light with a high colour temperature will have more blue light, and lower colour temperatures have more red light, as indicated in the image above.

Different cameras have different ways of adjusting white balance so you will probably need to check your user manual to find out which way your camera works.

Here are some of the commonly used white balance presets that your camera may have:

Auto: Your camera will try and work out the correct white balance on a photo by photo basis. It works well in most scenarios but not for all.
Direct Sunlight: Will set the white balance to neutral as direct sunlight produces most standard lighting conditions.
Cloudy: This preset will give your picture warmth as cloudy weather tends to produce greyer tones in photos.
Tungsten: For use in regular household lighting situations, cools the picture down somewhat.
Fluorescent: Will warm up your picture under harsh fluorescent lighting.
Flash: Warms up the tones to produce more realistic looking skin.
Shade: For use in open shade under a clear sky, will warm up your photos.

The other setting your camera may have is manual white balance. This is when you take a photo of a bit of white paper, for example, before taking your photos, to show your camera what white actually looks like in those lighting conditions.

Manual adjustment is relatively quick to do (depending on your camera) and will produce the most realistic results in your photos.

If you have any questions about white balance please let me know in the comments below and I will do my best to answer them for you.


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Weekend Box Review


Read to the end of the post you can get a Weekend Box of your own for free!

Weekend box are a company who send out boxes full of crafts and healthy recipes delivered fortnightly or monthly.

The box arrives addressed to your child and inside are a bunch of paper bags, each one containing all you need for an activity or craft.

The box, and everything inside, has got cute, woodland creatures on which Annie loved, and when you’ve completed an activity you can put a sticker on the instruction card to show you’ve finished it. The bottom of the box is a certificate to cut out congratulating your child on doing all the activities.

The one we were sent was Aztec themed and had everything needed to create two mosaic coasters, a parrot, pattern prints and some aztec hot chocolate. We were sent an email before the box arrived to let us know which 4 ingredients we would need to have on hand to make the hot chocolate with.

As soon as I told Annie about the Weekend Box she was excited, the very idea of personalised mail with fun stuff for her to do really appealed to her.

She dove straight into the activities, she painted the parrot’s body, then while it was drying she created a mosaic (which ended up more ‘3D modern art’ than mosaic!) and we all made some Aztec hot chocolate together which we enjoyed.

Then it was time to finish off the parrot which she was really proud of.

Weekend Box Review | (1)Weekend Box Review | (2)Weekend Box Review | (3)Weekend Box Review | (4)Weekend Box Review | (5)Weekend Box Review | (6)Weekend Box Review | (7)Weekend Box Review | (8)Weekend Box Review | (9)Weekend Box Review | (10)

If you think you’d like to test drive a weekend box of your own, then I’ve got a fantastic promo code to share with you. If you head to the site and enter: EMMA168 you will get your first box for free, instead of £7.50 (new customers only, and only one box per household).

I was really impressed with Weekend Box, it contained enough crafts to fill up a whole rainy weekend day, or you could spread them out over a couple of weeks, and they were all activities that captured both kid’s imaginations.

It would also be a great gift to buy for a kiddo you know, and I bet their parents would love you forever, helping them fill the long weekends with awesome crafts and cookery.

Please let me know if you try these out and what you think of them.

Disclosure: I was sent a free sample for the purpose of conducting this review. My participation is voluntary and my opinions, as always, are my own. No monetary compensation was given.

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A Furry Weekend


This weekend was a very exciting one. We headed over to Hereford on Saturday and collected our gorgeous rescue dog, 11 week old Roxy.

I had been warned by several sources that puppies are often car sick so I spent the ride home with her in the footwell hoping she didn’t blow.

Luckily for me she seemed to enjoy the journey and my shoes remained vomit free.

Watching her explore the house was funny, she got stuck under the coffee table, decided that making the curtains move and then biting them was hilarious, stole Jon’s hanky and claimed her spot in the kitchen, by the windows, almost immediately.

She was also super brave with her first set of jabs. She didn’t move or show any sign she’d even noticed the needle. However, the air conditioning turning itself on in the surgery, now that was a worrying turn of events that deserved a little cry!

She is understandably nervous around the two loud beasts that live with us, but she’s getting braver around them, her house training is going well (thank goodness!) and she is doing well sleeping down in the hall.

So, without further ado, meet our newest family member, Roxy Dog…

Furry Weekend Meet Roxy Dog | Lurcher Saluki ross Rescue Dog | Point + Shoot Photography Linky | (1)Furry Weekend Meet Roxy Dog | Lurcher Saluki ross Rescue Dog | Point + Shoot Photography Linky | (2)Furry Weekend Meet Roxy Dog | Lurcher Saluki ross Rescue Dog | Point + Shoot Photography Linky | (3)Furry Weekend Meet Roxy Dog | Lurcher Saluki ross Rescue Dog | Point + Shoot Photography Linky | (4)Furry Weekend Meet Roxy Dog | Lurcher Saluki ross Rescue Dog | Point + Shoot Photography Linky | (5)Furry Weekend Meet Roxy Dog | Lurcher Saluki ross Rescue Dog | Point + Shoot Photography Linky | (6)

Even though she’s only 11 weeks old she is already so big, she has to crouch down to hide under the chairs in the dining room and her long legs hang out of her bed when she’s dozing.

We are totally besotted with her, and, funnily enough, you can expect to see a lot more of her on the blog.

What did you get up to this weekend?

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