Photogenic Autumn, I do Love You!


Summer is my favourite season, I love the heat, the ice lollies, playing in the sprinkler and BBQs, but Autumn is, hands down, the most photogenic of the seasons.

The colours are gorgeous, shiny brown conkers, golden, red and orange leaves, sparkling dew and that buttery light that is just to die for!

I made a decision over the weekend to try and get back to taking photos that weren’t specifically of the kids, and I couldn’t have picked a more glorious season to do this. When we went out on Sunday there was so much to stop and photograph the family had to keep stopping and waiting for me to catch up.

I aim to get out at least once a week from now with the sole intention of photographing the gorgeous area we live in and putting something new (or at least long forgotten) in front of my lens.

While none of these photos were taken in my garden I’m going to sneak this post into Annie’s How Does Your Garden Grow linky and hope no-one notices. Our garden is just lawn and play area so there is very little linky fodder there.

Which season do you like looking at best? Have you also got a metric ton of conkers filling up your house? Do you find you only take photos of your kids since they were born or is that just me?!

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My Morning Win


Annie’s first year at school was a steep learning curve for me, especially in terms of our morning routines.

This year we have to be even more on the ball as we pick up a friend’s little boy on the way to school so really cannot be late without also making her late for work and the kids late for school.

My path to ‘morning win’ starts the night before. I do as much as possible before I go to bed so I can afford to be a bit lazy when I wake up.  I leave the kitchen clean with all the washing up done and put away, I lay out the breakfast bowls and glasses, put Annie’s uniform on her chair and make sure Annie’s school bags are filled and on the buggy handle ready to leave the house on time.

This means that in the morning I can get breakfast into the kids, do Annie’s hair, using the style and hair bobbles she demands that morning and leave the house on time.

Now there are always mornings where things go wrong, someone may squirt toothpaste all down their school dress leaving me to run it quickly through the machine as she covered the spare dress in paint the previous day at school. Someone else may refuse to get his clothes on (I’m talking Ez Bear here, not the hubby!) and have to be wrestled into an appropriate outfit for leaving the house in.

On mornings like these, when we just run out of time (and patience) I love being able to zoom through breakfast and win Mummy points by being able to pull some belVita Breakfast Biscuits out of the cupboard. If you’re 5 or 2, being allowed to eat biscuits at breakfast time is one of the biggest treats going and they can be eaten on the move if we’re super late.

As these have 5 wholegrains and release energy steadily throughout the morning I feel quite happy giving them to the kids on mornings when time has passed us by and we’re flying out the door.

We were sent three boxes of belVita Crunchy biscuits and they were delicious, nice and crunchy and full of flavour. The fruity apricot ones were my favourite with the hazelnut ones coming a close second. I’m not a massive chocolate fan but the choc chip ones went perfectly with a mug of tea after the school run, and the kids thought they were the nicest of the bunch.

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Point + Shoot – Officially Autumn


This weekend, despite the warm weather, it feels like Autumn has landed with a bump. We made the most of it this weekend with a fantastic conker hunt and walk. I think we ended up with at least 80 conkers, a bunch of important twigs, two feathers and some leaves!

The rest of the time was spent relaxing at home and going to a fantastic soft play birthday party that totally wore Anne out.

Point + Shoot Officially Autumn (6)Point + Shoot Officially Autumn (5)Point + Shoot Officially Autumn (2)Point + Shoot Officially Autumn (3)Point + Shoot Officially Autumn (4)Point + Shoot Officially Autumn (1)

What did you get up to this weekend? Did it involve masses of conkers or other autumnal items? Whatever it was please share your adventures with the Point + Shoot linky so we can all cyber stalk your weekend!!

If you’re unsure of how the Point + Shoot linky works head over here and check it out.

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Spot A Lot – Parragon Book Buddies Review


Parragon Book Buddies Spot A Lot Animal Escape Review toddler reading (3)

When I went to Britmums Live in the summer I was really excited about chatting to the team from Parragon. Annie already loves their Gold Star workbooks and I wanted to find out more about their books. Of course when I heard they were looking for new Book Buddy book reviewers I signed up quick as a flash!

This week we got our first book through the post, called Spot A Lot: Animal Escape. Trouble is afoot at the zoo, all the animals have escaped and are hiding throughout the book, you (the reader) have to help the zookeeper find all the runaway animals.

Each page briefly describes the scene and tells you what to look for, there is also a tricksy tortoise hiding on each page for you to search out.

I love the design of the book, the colour palette and drawing style used is reminiscent of the seventies (but in a good way!), a bit like an old episode of The Pink Panther or a Richard Scarry book.

It’s gorgeous to look through and read with the kids, and there’s plenty on each page to keep children interested even after you’ve read through the book 6 or 7 times and found the main animals – written from experience!

The book was a big hit with Ez Bear claiming it as his own before his sister got home from school.

The book has plenty of first words in so it’ll be handy when Ez starts reading and there is a counting element too so is perfect for helping him with his numbers.

Parragon Book Buddies Spot A Lot Animal Escape Review toddler reading (1)Parragon Book Buddies Spot A Lot Animal Escape Review toddler reading (5)Parragon Book Buddies Spot A Lot Animal Escape Review toddler reading (2)Parragon Book Buddies Spot A Lot Animal Escape Review toddler reading (4)

I really liked this book, as did Ez. It’s perfect for him, he loves find and seek books and has become slightly obsessed with zoos and animals since our trip to London Zoo earlier in the year, if I’d seen it in the book shop I’d have snapped it up instantly.

Disclaimer: We were sent this book free of charge as part of the Parragon Book Buddies review club. All opinions are my own.

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Word of the Week – Bleurgh


I know that this isn’t technically a word, but it is how I’ve been feeling this week, depressed, lacking motivation, short tempered and in short, a joy to be around I’m sure!

word of the week bleurgh

I am fairly sure that the darker nights and mornings are triggering my SAD and that, combined with my bad back, has just tipped me over the edge mood-wise.

I am making myself sit down and work even though it’s the last thing I want to do, I am keeping my social engagements even though I’d rather hide inside with my doors locked and I will start feeling better before too long.

After all, it’s only a bad day, not a bad life.

Joining in with Jocelyn’s Word of the Week linky over at The Reading Residence.

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What would be your word of the week?