Point + Shoot – Our Weekend


This weekend was a quiet one, I wanted to spend some time getting back to writing and blogging so spent more time than normal on the Mac while the kids played upstairs and Annie learnt to make loom band bracelets.

On Sunday Jonny and I thinned out our bedroom and I started transforming my desk from ‘dumping ground of all children’s toys’ to an actual desk.

Annie spent ages using our Reading Eggs free trial which she loved and even little Ez Bear had a go. He couldn’t make the mouse work so he pointed to the screen and I did the tricky bits for him, he was so proud of himself.

Of course it wouldn’t be a weekend in our house without Annie changing her outfit at least 8 times a day and rocking a range of fancy dress options. In the photo above she was (obviously) a pirate, I love how her mind works – though not all the laundry she generates!

What did you get up to this weekend? Whatever it was please share your adventures with the Point + Shoot linky so we can all cyber stalk your weekend!!

If you’re unsure of how the Point + Shoot linky works head over here and check it out.


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B&W Photography Project #11


Ez thought it was really funny to rest his feet on the table and try to get me to tickle them, we must have spent at least 30 minutes playing this game!

black and white photography project toddler feet snowingindoors.com-1

Joining in with the Black and White Photography Project hosted by the lovely Charly over at PODcast

 photo 4d06e438-4e6a-4f3b-88b2-0c1093350397_zps361ad0e9.jpg

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The Mummy Performance Review


Mummy Performance Review snowingindoors.com

Hi there, thank you for coming along this morning, if you’d like to come in and take a seat we can start your Performance Review.

So, Mummy, may I call you Mummy? Good, I see here that you have held this position for a little over 5 years now, with a significant increase in responsibilities towards the end of 2011, is that correct? To begin with then can you please tell me, what do you consider to be your main duties and responsibilities?

A very good question, my general duties include school runs, potty training, building block and LEGO construction, bruise kissing, nursery rhyme singing, taxi driving, bottom and nose wiping. 

I have to say that I think the list of responsibilities has expanded far beyond what was laid out in my original contract. I am fairly sure I didn’t agree to being the ‘remover of frogs from the garden’, to always having an audience when I used the toilet, to clearing bogies out of people’s noses with my finger or having to sit through so many viewings of the Toy Story trilogy I can now quote it accurately and extensively. I’m also sure I deal with more bodily fluids than originally agreed!

OK, I’ll just make a note of that… now what would you say have been your key accomplishments in the past 12 months?

Well, I applied for this job with some big ideas and I think it’s fair to say that some of those may have been unreasonable with hindsight. With that in mind though, I like to think that I have worked hard and produced some positive and tangible results, I’d like to cite Annie’s advanced reading level and the fact Ezra has only been admitted to casualty once despite his ‘outgoing’ nature. Also he no longer removes all his clothes below the waist at every potty visit and can now pull up his own trousers which I am viewing as a major accomplishment!

It is to be noted though that in the past 12 months you have turned up to school on a day that Annie was in an afterschool club, you gave a hair cut so terrible to Ezra that he needed his whole head shaved the morning of a large family party.

You also promised an Easter full of egg hunts and chocolate and then failed to produce the hunt and a large quantity of the chocolate disappeared. You routinely lie to the children on long car journeys about the distance left to travel and often claim, falsely, that the rides outside supermarkets are out of order.

There were a number of occasions you fell asleep on the sofa during film time, burnt meals and evenings you put the children to bed far earlier than normal and then lied to them about the time. How do you respond to these statements?

Well yes, these are all true but in my defense, it rained at Easter, I never said I was good at cutting hair and after the school incident I instigated a rigorous calendar system. I have no excuse for the rest other than child related exhaustion.

Thank you for your honesty, what so you see as your top 3 priorities in the over the next 6 months?

I have set myself a number of targets I’d like to achieve, number one being, getting Annie to understand that it’s only funny to fart on her Dad in the house when we’re alone, not on friend’s parents on the walk home from school.

Secondly I’d really like to see Ezra try fruit other than banana, literally, any other piece of fruit, and not spit it out.

Finally I think we could try to push morning wake up past the 6.00AM mark, maybe even have them still asleep at 6.30AM a couple of times a week. While I understand that this one is unlikely to happen I shall give it my best shot and try a range of techniques to achieve this end.

What elements of your current role interest you most and least?

I really enjoy the team work, my junior team members are easy to get along with and I love my job. I think the night time kisses, random declarations of love, hugs, funny conversations, mispronounced words and walks to school are some of my favourite times. Seeing my junior team members excel at something they originally had trouble with is very fulfilling, as is watching them trying something new, and embracing it, for the first time.

As for the aspects that interest me least, I’d have to say the vomit is an area I have great trouble with. Honestly, I could do without the skidmarks in tiny undies, the public temper tantrums and the extensive night time stalling techniques, but in perspective, these are very minor ‘road bumps’.

We’ll take these points on board Mummy. Now, there has been feedback, both positive and negative from your younger team members. It seems that you can be funny, and your random pancake dinners have been very well received, however there have been a number complaints about the out of tune singing, the high volume of vegetables served at meal times, the strict screen time limits and your refusal to accept that sweets are in fact a healthy breakfast option. Do you have anything to say on these accounts?

Umm, no, that all seems fair and correct.

Ok Mummy, well thank you for your time, I appreciate you finding a spot in your busy day to attend this review. I think while we both agree there are areas that need work, you are doing a good job so lets carry on as is and reconvene in another 5 years?

How would your parenting performance review go?

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The B&W Photography Project #10


I missed a ‘few’ weeks of this so thought it was time to jump back in and share a favourite black and white photo from the week.

I love Ez Bear’s cheeky grin in this picture and the fact he’s wearing his Batman PJs which are too small but still a firm favourite.

the b&w photography project week 10 toddler on bed snowingindoors.com

Linking up with the Black & White Photography Project over at PODcast.

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Our Sad Tail


I’ve been planning a very exciting post for the past 3 weeks, one I couldn’t wait to share, unfortunately this is not that post. In fact, it’s the antithesis of that post but I hope that by writing about it I can whittle away at the sadness I have hanging over me.

3 weeks ago we found a gorgeous English Bull Terrier with the RSPCA who sounded perfect, she walked well on the lead, could be homed with children of all ages and was a massive softy. We visited, fell in love, and began the adoption process.

Meet Lolly English Bull Terrier Rescue dog RSPCA dog snowingindoors.com-1

It took a few weeks but last Friday we drove up to Birmingham to collect her. She was beautiful, excited to be with us and everything we could have hoped for. She fitted in instantly and we were all over the moon.

Unfortunately on Saturday morning she began snapping at the kids. We rang the RSPCA to ask the best way to deal with this behaviour and they said she’d need to be returned as she obviously shouldn’t have been placed in a family with young kiddos. We were all devastated.

We totally understand, I can see that it was the right decision, you can never tell what a dog will do, even trusted family pets can have bad days and snap. It is best Lolly that she goes to a home without young children, where she will be happy and safest for the kids to not introduce a dog into the house who behaves like that.

Rescue dog RSPCA sad story English Bull Terrier snowingindoors.com-1 (2)Rescue dog RSPCA sad story English Bull Terrier snowingindoors.com-1 (3)

I am amazed by the depth of my sadness given she only lived with us for less than 24 hours in total. I’d spent the past 3 weeks planning for her arrival, preparing the kids for how to behave around a dog and realising just how beneficial her presence could be to my depression recovery and weight loss routine.

The daily walks with her were going to be a part of my fitness regime and I’d hoped that having her in the house would help me cope once Ez started pre-school and I’d be in the house alone for the first time in 5 years. It would also have been lovely to have a dog around for times when Jonny was away on business.

Lolly is a gorgeous dog who I know will end up going to a home where she will be loved and happy. We will save up our pennies and get a bull terrier puppy who can grow up alongside the kids and get trained by us from day 1.

Do you have happy tales of rescue dogs to share? What is your favourite breed of dog, or, are you a cat person instead?!

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