The B&W Photography Project #10


I missed a ‘few’ weeks of this so thought it was time to jump back in and share a favourite black and white photo from the week.

I love Ez Bear’s cheeky grin in this picture and the fact he’s wearing his Batman PJs which are too small but still a firm favourite.

the b&w photography project week 10 toddler on bed

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Our Sad Tail


I’ve been planning a very exciting post for the past 3 weeks, one I couldn’t wait to share, unfortunately this is not that post. In fact, it’s the antithesis of that post but I hope that by writing about it I can whittle away at the sadness I have hanging over me.

3 weeks ago we found a gorgeous English Bull Terrier with the RSPCA who sounded perfect, she walked well on the lead, could be homed with children of all ages and was a massive softy. We visited, fell in love, and began the adoption process.

Meet Lolly English Bull Terrier Rescue dog RSPCA dog

It took a few weeks but last Friday we drove up to Birmingham to collect her. She was beautiful, excited to be with us and everything we could have hoped for. She fitted in instantly and we were all over the moon.

Unfortunately on Saturday morning she began snapping at the kids. We rang the RSPCA to ask the best way to deal with this behaviour and they said she’d need to be returned as she obviously shouldn’t have been placed in a family with young kiddos. We were all devastated.

We totally understand, I can see that it was the right decision, you can never tell what a dog will do, even trusted family pets can have bad days and snap. It is best Lolly that she goes to a home without young children, where she will be happy and safest for the kids to not introduce a dog into the house who behaves like that.

Rescue dog RSPCA sad story English Bull Terrier (2)Rescue dog RSPCA sad story English Bull Terrier (3)

I am amazed by the depth of my sadness given she only lived with us for less than 24 hours in total. I’d spent the past 3 weeks planning for her arrival, preparing the kids for how to behave around a dog and realising just how beneficial her presence could be to my depression recovery and weight loss routine.

The daily walks with her were going to be a part of my fitness regime and I’d hoped that having her in the house would help me cope once Ez started pre-school and I’d be in the house alone for the first time in 5 years. It would also have been lovely to have a dog around for times when Jonny was away on business.

Lolly is a gorgeous dog who I know will end up going to a home where she will be loved and happy. We will save up our pennies and get a bull terrier puppy who can grow up alongside the kids and get trained by us from day 1.

Do you have happy tales of rescue dogs to share? What is your favourite breed of dog, or, are you a cat person instead?!

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#AfterSchoolChefs Birds Eye Challenge


One of the big lessons from Annie’s first year at school was that she needed a hearty, nutritious dinner as she was working much harder throughout the day. We sat down with her and talked about her favourite meals, about how we could introduce new foods and what ‘treaty meals’ she’d like to have.

We also found out that Annie really loved it when we all sat down together to eat dinner because we all got to chat about her day and that was something very important to her.

Bearing this in mind, when September rolled around this year, I made sure I had a plan in place ready to go. Annie likes to know what is for dinner before she heads off to school, I guess it’s something to look forward to during the day, so I needed to have a meal plan sorted at the start of each week ready to share with her.

On days I’m home I like to cook up a big meal for the 4 of us. It may be something ‘comfort food-y’ like a big stew or a roast, or I might try something new to the kids, like a specific curry or a meal that uses an ingredient they may not be a massive fan of.

Other days we have what Annie loves to call, ‘a freezer surprise’! In the morning she gets to go through the freezer and pick out what we’re going to eat that evening. I think these are her favourite meals because she feels like she has control and they’re generally served with ketchup or gravy!

Last week the two freezer meals chosen by Annie were Chicken Space Shapes, Mashtags and peas and on the second night we all sat down to a delicious plate of Chicken Pie, Mashtags (they’re Annie’s favourite frozen potato product because she likes to search for the heart in each bag!), Farmhouse Fresh Steamed Veg and peas.

#AfterSchoolChefs Birds Eye Challenge (9)#AfterSchoolChefs Birds Eye Challenge (7)#AfterSchoolChefs Birds Eye Challenge (6)#AfterSchoolChefs Birds Eye Challenge (2)#AfterSchoolChefs Birds Eye Challenge (1)#AfterSchoolChefs Birds Eye Challenge (4)#AfterSchoolChefs Birds Eye Challenge (8)#AfterSchoolChefs Birds Eye Challenge (3)

We all enjoy ‘freezer surprise’ meals because they’re delicious, I also enjoy them because they’re so quick to prepare and healthy.

This post is an entry for #Afterschoolchefs Linky Challenge, sponsored by Birds Eye. Learn more on the Birds Eye Facebook page.

Disclosure: I was sent £20 of Birds Eye vouchers, however my participation is voluntary and my opinions, as always, are my own.

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Point + Shoot – Sunday


Our weekend did not end up like we’d planned, our Saturday ranked high on the worst-day-ever-o-meter so on Sunday we made sure we stayed at home and got back on our feet.

We got out in the garden and had lunch and rounded off the afternoon with a mood improving game of kid skittles.

Point + Shoot Sunday siblings playing in the garden (7)Point + Shoot Sunday siblings playing in the garden (2)Point + Shoot Sunday siblings playing in the garden (1)Point + Shoot Sunday siblings playing in the garden (4)Point + Shoot Sunday siblings playing in the garden (5)Point + Shoot Sunday siblings playing in the garden (6)Point + Shoot Sunday siblings playing in the garden (3)

What did you get up to this weekend? Whatever it was please share your adventures with the Point + Shoot linky so we can all cyber stalk your weekend!!

If you’re unsure of how the Point + Shoot linky works head over here and check it out.

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Siblings – September


Siblings September linky (3)

I am lucky enough to have lots of photos of Annie and Ez Bear but very few of them actually together, enjoying each other’s company, not just accidently stood next to each other!

This weekend the pair of them spent ages playing together in the garden and I snuck up them when they were in the beach hut and got some lovely photos of Annie making up a Toy Story tale for her brother and trying to hold his hand.

What I loved about watching this scene was they were relaxing together, chatting but also happy to sit together enjoying each other’s company when they had nothing to say (a very rare occasion indeed!).

There were no shouts of, ‘he’s touching my arm’, ‘Annie took my stone’ or ‘he’s on my side of the hut’, just friendship and it really made me happy to see.

Of course within minutes they were back to normal, bickering and annoying each other, but for a few minutes there was calm and I made sure to make the most of it!

Siblings September linky (2)Siblings September linky (1)

Joining in with the Siblings linky for the first time, I’ll have to put a note in my diary for next month so I don’t forget!

dear beautiful

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