Birthday Parties, Face Paint and Cake


Ez got invited to his first solo (without his big sister) birthday party on Saturday, he came back with a party bag, cake, a balloon and stories of how much fun he had.

Point + Shoot photography linky | tiger facepaint birthday party | Point + Shoot photography linky | tiger facepaint birthday party |

At Ezra’s request, Jon took him to the party and when the Bear had calmed down and was tucking into his cake, I asked Jon how it went.

Ez seemed shy and a bit lost, as far as his Dad could see, he went on the bouncy castle for a bit but then wouldn’t go back on and just ‘tiger roared’ at the kids from a distance.

Jon said he spent more time playing off on his own away from everyone else, even though the party was full of friends he knows from Preschool.

Jon and I are both introverts, and we expected that at least one of the kids would be too (Annie has enough confidence for the 4 of us so we don’t have to worry about her!), but it still made me feel a bit sad for the Bear.

I think it’s too early to label Ez Bear an introvert, he is only three and a half, and has only been at preschool for 4 months. He still has things to learn about interacting with other kiddos, he could have just been shy, but I will be reading up on introverted children and making sure that, if he is like his dad and me, we’re raising him the way he needs us too.

Introverted or not, he loved his tiger facepaint and helium balloon. He wore the paint to bed and when we tried to wash it off at lunchtime on Sunday he was left with a beautiful fake tan effect.

Point + Shoot photography linky | tiger facepaint birthday party |

What did you get up to over the weekend?
Are you, or your children, introverts?
If so, do you have any advice?

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Point + Shoot – 30.06.2015


Thank you to everyone who joined in with Point + Shoot last week.

My post this week is all about Ezra’s first ‘solo’ birthday party invite and how he coped without Annie there to hold his hand.

Our winning post from last week comes from Elena at Spanish Mummy.


I am very happy to announce that our favourite post each week will receive an awesome colour bright photo mug from the lovely peeps over at Photobox.

You don’t have to play every week, just drop by when you have something to share. You don’t need a fancy DSLR either, a phone camera works just as well.

As for the photos, they can be absolutely anything. If you saw it, or did it, at the weekend, then photograph it and link up.


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Before I Had Children


Last week the fabulous Aby wrote a post about her life and thoughts before she had children.

She tagged me to share my own list for the Before Children Meme so here goes:

Before children I drank cups of tea while they were hot

Before children I could make the decision to head into town, and be on the street in 2 minutes flat

Before children I had no reason to learn to drive

Before children I read books and played console games in my spare time

Before children I actually had spare time!

Before children I ate junk food galore and decided ‘future Em’ could deal with weight loss

Before children I effed and jeffed like a naughty sailor

Before children I had undiagnosed anxiety and secretly felt broken

Before children I was jealous of my friends who already had children

Before children I knew I wanted to be a stay at home Mum

Before children I knew Jon would make a great Dad

Before children I took horror stories about the first 3 months with a new baby with a pinch of salt

Before children I pictured having a calm water birth

Before children I worried if I’d have enough love for Jon and the babies

Before children I imagined a home with happy, barefoot children, puppies on the floor and a chilled out Mama

Before children I thought I was prepared for motherhood!

Before children I Family Photo Wychwood Festival | Happy Family |

Before children I didn’t know I could be this happy

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My Favourite GoPro Accessories


I love my GoPro, it’s tiny, indestructible and kid safe, and you can attach it to just about anything.

Today I want to share my three favourite GoPro accessories and the one I really regret buying!

Smatree SmaPole

The SmaPole is light, strong and extends to 40 inches. The build quality is excellent and the sponge handle is comfy even during extended use.

I find this perfect for sticking over the trampoline for birds eye view of the kids bouncing, or inside the tree house, so much possibility with this wonderful accessory.


GoPro Chesty

We got one for the kids and an adult one too. I prefer it to the head mount because there’s less side to side movement and it’s a great angle, especially on the kids, I love seeing what’s they’re doing with their hands.

Also, and this is a key point, in my  honest opinion, you look less of a berk with a GoPro strapped to your chest rather than your head!chesty

GoPro Tripod Mount

I like the stick the GoPro on the tripod when the kids are running through the sprinkler or dashing round the garden like loonies.

The tripod is stable and I can just walk away and leave it. Also because I use a tripod for photography it doesn’t feel new or like it’s something else to learn.

tripod mountAnd now onto the one accessory I just do not get…

Wrist Mount

I have no idea when on earth this would come in handy. Seriously, if you have any tips on making this useful please let me know!

If you have a GoPro, what is your favourite accessory?

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Summer Bucket List Tips


I love creating our summer bucket lists, we’ve done them for the last 3 years and each year I learn something along the way.

Tips and ideas for the best summer bucket list |


In previous years we’ve not achieved everything on the list because we’ve either run out of time, good weather, money or energy so this year I’m planning on ‘going vague’ in the hope we can tick off all the entries.

I’ve kept a notebook the past few months that I jot down craft ideas in when I spot good ones the kids (or I) would enjoy! I make a note of the ‘ingredients’, highlight ones I already own and a cost estimate.

I spend way too long on Pinterest finding craft ideas, dinosaur themed games and recipes for us to try out.

I also pin bunches of activities I’d love to do but never will, could never afford, I know the kids would hate, or I know I would hate!

Over the next couple of weeks I’ll start taking ideas from my notebook (can you say ‘over the top’?!) and Pinterest boards and putting together our bucket list.

My top tips for compiling a manageable summer bucket list are:

1) Try not to include too many ‘specific’ trips or days out in case the weather doesn’t cooperate or you run out of time or money.

2) Make sure around half the activities you pick can be done at home or on days out or holiday.

3) In the same vein, make sure you plan activities that can be done on sunny days, or days when it’s pelting down with rain and you’re stuck inside, this is Britain after all!

4) Make sure you stock up on ingredients and craft supplies before the holidays so you can tick those activities off your list without having to go shopping first.

5) This is a great time to introduce your kids to new foods or try screen free days with less drama than normal (though I’m not promising a total lack of drama!).

If you’re looking for ideas for your summer holidays, or bucket list, check out my Pinterest board below and follow me for lots more suggestions.

Follow snowingindoors’s board Summer Bucket List Ideas on Pinterest.

Do you create a summer bucket list?
What kind of activities or traditions do you go back to each summer?
Any suggestions for our bucket list?

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