I Am Depressed Batman


Please note, this is a tongue in cheek post about me and my depression. It’s not my aim to offend or upset anyone with this post, if I have then I’m sorry.

It struck me the other morning that having depression is a lot like being Batman, well for me it is at least.

Right now I’m feeling great, but when I’m down in the depths of depression I share a lot of characteristics with the dude in the bat mask.

An obvious example is that we’re both withdrawn loners. I stay indoors and avoid friends because the thought of heading out is too much work and I’m convinced I look ugly and no-one would want to see me anyway.

Bruce Wayne spends time alone due to a traumatic childhood and feeling unable to trust people, but the outcome is the same.

Bruce has his Bat Cave to hide away and brood in, me, I have a house to hide in, either way, we both have a fortress of solitude to retreat to when the world gets too much.

Batman talks in a low, gravelly voice, only when necessary, no snappy wise cracks from the man bat. When I’m properly depressed I’m not up for long conversations or lighthearted banter.

We both wear black. I think we both have some latent body image issues and prefer to stay in the shadows, hiding ourselves and trying to avoid being spotted.

I have Jonny to look after me and make sure I’m coping day to day when I’m at my worst, and Bruce Wayne has Alfred the butler to fuss over him.

I’ve saved the most obvious similarity for last, we neither of us have any super powers!!

Now I’m not saying I am Batman, but we’ve never been seen in the same room at the same time, that’s all I’m saying!

I am depressed batman snowingindoors.com

What do you think? Can you think of any other similarities between having depression and being Bruce Wayne?!

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Point + Shoot – Kid Skittles


We planned to spend a lot of time this weekend getting the garden ready for autumn and tidying around.

On Saturday, Jon mowed the lawn, I worked on tidying the conservatory and garden and the kids helped by rushing around screaming and leaping about like monkeys!

We had big plans for Sunday, but Jon developed a nasty tummy bug and spent the rest of his weekend dozing and feeling really rough. I went out and did the edging and cut the jasmin back and rescued another ‘Aurora‘. She was a cute little thing and we wanted to make sure she ended up in a safe garden, free from dogs and cats.

Then we played a game of ‘kid skittles’. This is a game devised by Ez, basically you throw, roll or kick the underinflated exercise ball at the kids and try to hit them with it. It looks shocking at times but every time we tried to stop the kids would beg for, ‘just one more go, puh-leese’!

Point and Shoot Tidy Weekend Kid Skittles Playing in the Garden snowingindoors.com (1)Point and Shoot Tidy Weekend Kid Skittles Playing in the Garden snowingindoors.com (2)Point and Shoot Tidy Weekend Kid Skittles Playing in the Garden snowingindoors.com (3)Point and Shoot Tidy Weekend Kid Skittles Playing in the Garden snowingindoors.com (4)Point and Shoot Tidy Weekend Kid Skittles Playing in the Garden snowingindoors.com (5)

By Sunday evening the back of the house looked much smarter and I had that pleasantly tired, achy feeling that comes from working hard on something worthwhile. Jon was feeling better too and the kids were exhausted after skittles so it was a nice relaxed evening.

What did you do this weekend? Did you avoid tummy bugs? Did you manage to get out in the garden? Did you throw a giant ball at your children?! Whatever you got up to share your adventures with the Point + Shoot linky so we can all cyber stalk your weekend!!

If you’re unsure of how the Point + Shoot linky works head over here and check it out.


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Right Here, Right Now: August


This month, the fabulous Aly over at Bug, Bird and Bee has come up with my favourite kind of linky, a list! I knew I’d have to jump aboard.

Currently I am: Getting ready for Annie to head back to school next week. The summer holidays have flown by and while I’m going to miss our long lazy days, Annie is desperate to get back in the classroom and I’m looking forward to slightly more routine and structure to my weekdays.

Reading: Colorless Tsukuru Tazaki and his Years of Pilgrimage by Haruki Murakami. I love it, as far as I’m concerned it’s Murakami back on top form after the mildly disappointing 1Q84. Also reading Ez’s Thomas magazine to him

Right here, Right Now thomas and friends magazine toddler reading snowingindoors.com

Listening to: The Malibu Shark Attack self titled album. It’s flawless, I just wish there was more of it or that I could find another couple of artists who sound similar.

Laughing at: The kid’s playing party games at our friend’s house this week. The best one involved putting sudocrem on their nose and then using this to pick up little styrofoam beads from a bowl.

Swooning over: The steampunk inspired LEGO Metalbeard’s Sea Cow model. I can’t wait to buy and build this gorgeous model.

Planning: Christmas gift ideas, I’ve already sorted Ez Bear’s birthday prezzies so now I get to move onto the big one. I love Christmas and spend most of my year thinking about it or planning for it #saddo

Eating: Nachos are back as our Friday night treaty dinner. Jon makes the best ones, with posh raspberry chipotle salsa, garlic chicken and buckets of refried beans, mmm.

Feeling: I have some end-of-holiday-blues going on, but it’ll pass as soon as the excitement of school rolls round.

Discovering: Just how much Ez Bear loves babies. Our friend came to visit with her edible 6 month old and Ez was totally enamoured with her. He kept stroking her face, kissing her tummy and professing his love for her, it was adorable.

Watching at the cinema: My fabulous chap took me out for a date at the cinema to watch Guardians of the Galaxy. The film was brilliant (as was the company), such a wonderful soundtrack and if I don’t get a dancing baby Groot for Christmas I shall be most disgruntled!!

Wearing: Hoodies and jeans, summer has gone and I’ve returned to my winter wardrobe. I also treated myself to a fab pair of Star Wars PJ bottoms so I can get my geek on at bedtime too!

Cooking: Lazy risotto, it’s essentially rice, stock, garlic and whatever veggies we have lying around but it’s a lovely bowl of lunchtime comfort food on these dark, cold days.

Wondering: Where Annie gets her loopy dress sense from?

Right here, Right Now Annie's crazy dress sense knickers on head snowingindoors.com

Making: the most of our long weekend with Jonny before school and work starts again for half the household.

So that’s my first Right Here Right Now post, what have you been up to this month?


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Cake and Controversy



cake and controversy great british bake off iain diana snowingindoors.com

So last night I, along with most of the country according to social media, watched aghast as Great British Bake Off took a turn for the scandalous with what will no doubt come to be known as, the ice-creamgate affair.

What the show suggested happened was that Diana took Iain’s ice cream out of the freezer and left it on the side without letting him know what she’d done. This resulted in the ice cream melting and his baked Alaska being ruined. Diana seemed to show no remorse and then never mentioned it again while Iain threw his ruined dish away.

“Who takes ice-cream out of the freezer?” asked the ‘Russet Gandalf’, a good question indeed!

Diana’s thoughtless act wasn’t mentioned during judging and Iain was the contestant chosen to leave that week.

Twitter exploded into a cake fuelled ‘bring back Iain’ campaign complete with some amazing (and some cruel) hashtags.

I personally blame the move to BBC1. Nothing as scandalous happened once in the show’s 4 year run on the gentle BBC2.

It’s ‘obvious’ that in an effort to increase ratings GBBO has been told to introduce an element of controversy.

I imagine that next week there’ll be a cake based murder, possibly with the victim’s body being found with one of Diana’s neon trainer shoelaces baked into a cupcake and left in their mouth?!  Maybe Mary Berry will pull off her mask to reveal Sherlock underneath and take down Diana as she’s putting poison in Luis’ cake batter?!

Are you a GBBO fan? Were you agast at last nights turn of events? Are you team Iain or team Diana?

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10 ways to Instantly Improve Your Mood


10 ways to Instantly Improve Your Mood snowingindoors.com

Yesterday I wrote a post on how to improve your child’s mood when they’re feeling crabby. Of course kiddos aren’t the only ones to experience random dips in mood, so here are my top 10 tips to raise your mood.

1) Go and shut yourself away for 5 minutes and enjoy being alone, with no one asking you questions, tugging on your clothes are repeating your name over and over until it feels like your head may explode.

2) Sing a song as loud as you can and do a crazy dance. I do this when the kids and I are all feeling grumpy with each other. Apparently the sight and sound of this is hilarious and (most times) will reset everyone’s moods back to happy.

3) Smile and laugh. For some reason laughter or plastering a big smile on your face even if you’re feeling grumpy will improve your mood.

4) Take a couple of minutes to concentrate on your breathing, breathe deeply in through your nose and out through your mouth 10 times and you’ll feel calmer.

5) Exercise. True this may feel like the last thing you want to do but jogging, riding your bike around the block or jumping rope will release endorphins and get you feeling better.

6) Clean or tidy. For me, clearing the surfaces and making sure my surroundings are tidy instantly improves my mood.

7) Watch a comedy, cat videos on YouTube or read a funny book.

8) Look through old photos of happy times and events

9) Stroke a pet. They send cats and dogs into hospitals as mood boosters for patients, it really does work.

10) Have a long hot shower or soak in the tub. Rinse your bad mood down the drain and get clean in the process!

These are 10 things that work for me but everyone is different, what helps you feel better when you’re feeling grumpy?

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