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GBBO The Great British Bake Off my tv happy place

The Great British Bake Off holds a very special place in my heart, I clearly remember the first time I saw it. We were on holiday in St Ives, our first one as a family of 3 and I had just spent the previous 18 hours throwing up and running a fever thanks to some inconsiderately timed food poisoning.

I was finally starting to feel human and had managed to hobble downstairs for the first time all day to lie on the sofa with Jon when this magical TV show caught my eye. It was part way through episode 2 of season one and I was hooked.

Firstly it had Mel and Sue as presenters. They are my comedy heroines, I was a huge fan of Light Lunch and Late lunch and was overjoyed to see them on my telly box again.

Secondly even though I had no idea about baking (or any kind of cooking, lets be honest) here was a show that didn’t leave me feeling like an outcast for not knowing what a croquembouche was or how to make a ‘creme pat’.

It was filmed in a bunting adorned tent that travelled up and down the country, filled with lovely people baking delicious food, it should have been boring and twee but it was wonderful and I didn’t want it to end.

It was as if Mel and Sue were beckoning me over, ‘it’s ok Em, we’re crap at cakes too, but we like eating them, come and have a slice of this delicious lemon drizzle cake’. And there was Mary Berry holding out a mug of tea and patting the settee next to her with a wink. Even the steely eyed paul Hollywood didn’t leave me feeling like a twonk for not knowing the difference between short and rough puff pastry. I had found my tv happy place.

Nowadays The Bake Off has amassed a massive following, everyone watches it and everyone wants Mary Berry to be their Nan! My friend and I text each other throughout the episodes, pointing out funny one liners, cakes that are bound to not rise or double entendres from Sue, and it’s fabulous. I really hope that with the move to BBC 1 later in the year they don’t mess with the format or I imagine they’ll have thousands of angry viewers showering them with hate mail and stale cake.

When the series finishes I feel an actual sense of loss, and yes I know it’s just a TV show, but c’mon, it’s GBBO for crying out loud.

My friend and I actually considered going to where it was filmed in the hope of appearing in the back of shot, or accidentally stumbling into Mel and Sue and ending up as their new best friends (unlikely, but a girl can hope!). Heck, I’d be happy to see that squirrel with the ‘giant nuts‘!

  • Do you have a favourite TV show? 
  • Are you a Bake Off addict like myself or do you just not get it?
  • Do you have to eat themed snacks while watching it?
  • Have you ever enjoyed a lengthy text convo where you compared Mary Berry to Yoda? (I have)

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Point + Shoot – Crazy Weather


First of all I just want to say a massive thanks to everyone that joins in with the Point + Shoot linky. Last week loads of you played along and it was awesome, seeing what you’d all been doing and looking at your pictures. Thank you guys, you’re all brill and I appreciate you all joining in!

I don’t know what kind of weather you had this weekend, but ours was crazy! Saturday was a mix of torrential rain, thunder and lightening and then bright sunny spells, Sunday brought an overcast but hot day.

It was a relatively quiet weekend, lots of tidying round and setting up of new routines ready for the summer holidays. I also spent far too long lusting over the Lego Ewok Village set and trying to talk myself out of buying it – it’s really not working, I still really want it!

Annie passed her grading at Kung Fu and got her green stripe belt, the kids spent more time being friends and playing together than they did trying to kill each other and we went for a stroll into town that ended in treating ourselves to some apple doughnuts and fresh peas.

Annie finished off her end of term letter and gift for her teacher. She painted a flower pot and then helped me plant a succulent in it (incidentally anyone who says you can’t kill succulents are wrong, I did and it was easy!!). She was going to make a card, but Annie being Annie decided that she could get her point across far better in the form of a letter. On the back she drew her and her teacher and a multi coloured heart to show how lovely she thinks her Mrs V is.

Ez spent most of the weekend in his undies. He developed this weird looking rash behind his knee which the dr said was eczema and prescribed cream for, but it’s spread to cover most of his body. It’s patchy and worse on his legs but (second child syndrome) I’m not that worried. He’s his normal self, not said that it hurts and I’ve not seen him scratch at it once, so we’re just waiting until our next dr appointment to see what they say this time. I’m assuming he just has really delicate skin and sweating from this amazing heat is causing it to freak out. He’s loving all the nekkid time and extra (soap free) cool baths!

child drawing heart colouring star wars fighter pods toddler playing

Did you get crazy weather too? Do you have an opinion on me buying the Lego set?! Please share your adventures by joining in with the Point + Shoot linky below.

If you’re unsure of how the Point + Shoot linky works head over here and check it out.

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B&W Photography Project – Week 2


The kids spent every afternoon this week, between school and dinner, in the garden. It was fantastic to watch them playing together, especially as in the last couple of months their relationship seems to have gotten even stronger. They play together for far longer before World War 3 breaks out, they hold hands and hug each other and Ez loves to tell anyone that’ll listen that Annie is his best friend.

After an epic sprinkler session I walked over to see Annie getting Ez dried off. He looked so happy to have help from his favourite person and I think Annie loved helping out (and being the boss!).

B&W photography project week 2 siblings hugging

Yes, there are days when all they do is wind each other up, scream at each other and everything ends in tears, but there are now far more times like the ones captured above and this makes me the happiest Mama around.

Joining in with the B&W Photography Project over at PODcast, follow the link to find loads of other lovely b&w images and stories.

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Why I’m Not a Filofax Person


Why a Filofax Doesn't work for me orange personal fluoro original

Last year I got a Filofax and it was amazing. I felt organised and on top of my life, I even enthused about them so much that two separate friends bought them too.

Well, nearly a year on, I still think they’re awesome but I’ve come to realise that I’m just not a Filofax Person.

The calendar is fabulous, I loved writing down all the dates and relevant information for the year. However because it was in my bag and not on the Mac or a calendar on the wall, Jon had to check with me before booking anything instead of being able to see for himself if we were free.

I love writing things down on paper, and much prefer a hand written to do list than a checklist on my iPhone. But the cost of the refills put me off using my Filofax for something so ‘frivolous’ so I found I was using a regular notepad for my day to day lists. Don’t get me wrong, the refills aren’t extortionate, but unless you buy them on Amazon, they cost more than I’d usually pay for a notebook.

I found that I could never settle on my sections, there simply wasn’t enough things that I needed to keep notes on or a record of. This left me with unused sections at the back of the Filofax, or me creating sections simply for the sake of it which then never got used. I felt oddly guilty about this, which put me off using the Filofax even more.

I thought it would be great for keeping blogging ideas in, but I frequently wanted to save a URL or photo which I couldn’t do with the Filofax so would end up emailing myself the weblink instead.

Annie uses her Filofax more than I do, she keeps it in her desk and most mornings comes in to show me a new picture she’s drawn or story she’s written.

Right now I’m just using my  gorgeous Filofax as a desk calendar in the kitchen, which seems like a total waste. It lies on our kitchen counter so I can see what’s coming up this week but apart from that it doesn’t get used which leaves me feeling sad (& in a totally melodramatic way, like a bit of an organisational failure!).

I’ve moved over to having a cheap notebook for my daily to do lists and will buy a family calendar for the wall. For things like blog ideas I use Evernote so I can see it from my phone, the Mac or my Chromebook.

Are you a Filofax fan? Do you prefer hand written lists over to-dos on your phone?

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B&W Photography Project


I often find these two cuddled up on the chair together reading. It is one of my favourite sights and something I’d always hoped would happen.

black and white photography project siblings reading

Linking up with the Black & White Photography Project over at PODcast.

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