Trespass Jacket Review


I have one coat that I use all year round, it’s bulky and warm and so not appropriate for 6 months of the year!

Trespass very kindly offered to send out a jacket for me to review so I jumped at the opportunity to find a more suitable jacket for this time of the year.

Trespass Jacket Review | Serena SoftShell Jacket | (2)

I decided to go with the Sirena Softshell Jacket which is waterproof to 5000mm (perfect for the summer we’re currently enjoying!) and breathable to help it still feel fresh after wearing it all day.

It’s got one of those awesome ‘grown on’ hoods that I like so much and thumb loops on the cuffs like all my favourite jumpers from my uni days.

The hood is huge so on rainy walks my glasses should remain mostly dry. The hood can be made smaller using a little toggle on the back, and the way it integrates into the collar and shoulder when zipped up of the jacket mean that your neck and chin stay warm on windy days .

The 3 pockets are low profile so when they’re empty they don’t alter the lines of the jacket, but they’re still big enough for keys and my wallet.

I chose the gorgeous spa blue one because the pink one would have probably clashed with my hair (after I dye it tonight) and I wanted to be bright and visible so the kiddos wouldn’t lose me on the busy playground in the mornings.

I had a softshell jacket many moons ago, before the kiddos arrived and when the zip broke and I could no longer wear it, I really missed it. I’m so happy to have found another one that’s just as awesome, versatile and comfortable to wear.

It’s the perfect coat for slipping on as you head out on the school run or for longer country walks at the weekend. The waterproof nature means that even in a shower I won’t get all soggy and the fact it’s breathable is fantastic for the summer months.

I love this jacket, it’s comfy, practical and it looks fab on, even when I’m busting out my best catalogue pose!

Trespass Jacket Review | Serena SoftShell Jacket | (1)Trespass Jacket Review | Serena SoftShell Jacket | (3)

Disclaimer: I received this jacket in exchange for an honest review.

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Colour Or Black & White Edits


When I come to edit my photos, one of the biggest decisions I face is, ‘would this photo look better in colour or black and white?’.

Bright colours grab your attention and can be used to draw your eye into the photo.

Often the colour is an important part of the story behind the picture, strawberry picking is a perfect example, the bright red of the fruit is gorgeous, the redness describes how ripe the fruit are, they are far more mouth watering in colour than black and white.

Also green and red can muddy together in a black and white photo, so the striking contrast between the strawberries and grass/plants is lost.

Strawberry picking on a grey day Primrose Vale PYO (7)

The photo of Ez with his face painted really needs to be in colour. The orange facepaint with the stripes show that he’s a tiger which explains his ‘scary’ face and his ‘claw’ hands.

In black and white the orange isn’t visible and the picture becomes confusing, why is his face stripy? What’s he doing with his hands?

Colour Vs Black & White Edits |

Sometimes you’ll take a photo and notice that the colour isn’t bringing anything to the image, if this is the case then try converting it to black and white.

Black and white photography looks timeless. Fine art photographers tend to favour black and white because removing the colour distances the subject from reality, afterall humans see the world in colour.

A black and white photograph somehow highlights the emotion of the subject, I think removing the colour eliminates a lot of the distraction, it forces you to concentrate on the shape, form and light in an image.

These two photos below are a bit busy, the colours don’t add anything to the story behind the photo, but in black and white the distractions in the room behind are removed, and the clutter on the window sill is less eye catching.

The light from the window illuminates the important bits of the photo, Ezra’s face and hand and Annie’s profile and arms.

Colour Vs Black & White Edits | Colour Vs Black & White Edits |

Black and white photography highlights the differences between light and shadow and can also be an easy way to save a photo that has a strong colour cast.

Ultimately, the best way to spot an image that would suit a black and white edit is to practice. Find some black and white presets or actions and try running them on your favourite images, over time you’ll learn to notice which ones will work well monochrome.

If you’re looking for a lovely black and white preset for Lightroom I can recommend one I shared the other week, it’s free and the one used on the images above.

Any questions or photos you’d like to share, just leave a comment below, I love to see what you’ve been photographing.

Colour or black and white edit | Lightroom Photoshop |

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Annie’s Dream LEGO Home


When I heard about a competition to build your dream home out of LEGO I knew that Annie would love to enter, even more so when the kind people from Think Money Group sent her a big pack of LEGO to help in the creation!

Annie's Dream LEGO Home | LEGO House | (7)

Annie loves my latest LEGO house and wanted one to build one for herself that opened, so on Saturday I sat down and showed her how the hinges worked, then she set to building her own version.

Annie wanted to introduce the house herself but the video we made had ‘some issues’ so I’ve transcribed the audio, bad Mum!

Annie: The house is rainbow coloured because rainbows make people happy…

Ez: And you ran out of bricks.

Annie: Shhh Ez Bear, but yes, that too! My house has a stained glass window on the back so the light looks pretty inside.

There is one big window on the end with flowers in and a big arch like a palace. I’d like to live in a palace but there’s be a lot of tidying up to do so I think a small palace would probably be best.

Upstairs there is a sun roof and two bedrooms so my friends can have sleepovers. I made the bed on wheels so that if you didn’t want to wake up but had to go to school anyway you could just ride there.

My house opens up so I can park my car in it and when the car isn’t in there, then the blue floor turns into a swimming pool.

There are no stairs (because they kept breaking), but the house is magic so you don’t need stairs, you can float up!

It opens up so we can play with it just like Mama’s LEGO house and so I can park the car inside.

The roof is flat so you can sit out there and have picnics, it’s got a Mickey Mouse flag and an umbrella so you can be in shade. These curvy bits are where the floating magic comes from.

Annie's Dream LEGO Home | LEGO House | (1)Annie's Dream LEGO Home | LEGO House | (3)Annie's Dream LEGO Home | LEGO House | (2)Annie's Dream LEGO Home | LEGO House | (5)Annie's Dream LEGO Home | LEGO House | (6)

I’m really impressed with Annie’s house, especially when she’ tells me about all the great ideas she’s incorporated into it and her face lights up.

If you fancy entering too then head over to the competition page before August 24th and you could win £150 of Toys R Us vouchers.

Please note we were sent a box of free LEGO as part of entering the competition

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Point + Shoot – 28.07.2015


Thank you to everyone who joined in with Point + Shoot last week.

My post this week is a look at the LEGO version of Annie’s dream house!

Our winning post from last week comes from Merlinda at Glimmer of Hope, doesn’t this look like fun?

I am very happy to announce that our favourite post each week will receive an awesome colour bright photo mug from the lovely peeps over at Photobox.

You don’t have to play every week, just drop by when you have something to share. You don’t need a fancy DSLR either, a phone camera works just as well.

As for the photos, they can be absolutely anything. If you saw it, or did it, at the weekend, then photograph it and link up.


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I Got 99 Problems – Or Have I?


I was listening to a rap playlist on Spotify this week and I started wondering, what exactly Jay-Z’s 99 problems could be.

What does a multi-millionaire rapper have to worry about? Blue Ivy getting juice on the white leather interior of his expensive 4×4?

Then I started to think about problems I have. Even on days when everything feels like the worst, could I possibly have as many as 99 problems?

And then I remembered how much I love a list, so this blog post was born, the question is, do I have 99 problems?

Challenge accepted!

  1. Rainy, cold days during the summer holidays
  2. All the felt tip pens running dry
  3. I forgot to buy tin foil for the 2nd week running
  4. Crisps aren’t healthy
  5. Cucumber doesn’t taste like crisps
  6. Neither does celery
  7. Or pepper
  8. Having to go upstairs and wipe a poopy bum as soon as I’ve sat down with a mug of tea
  9. Annie choosing to watch those awful Swan Princess movies for the 3rd time this week
  10. We don’t live by the beach
  11. Ez snapping the new pavement chalks in half
  12. I accidently stood on a snail (though technically it was a bigger problem for the snail)
  13. There are too many adverts on the free Spotify
  14. Dusting LEGO models is a pain
  15. My favourite pair of superhero socks have a hole in
  16. I really don’t like putting clean laundry away
  17. I have to go pick up a parcel from the sorting office
  18. I need to clean the windows
  19. I love smell of coffee but can’t stand the taste of it
  20. Having to get out of a comfy bed in the middle of the night for a wee
  21. Noisy neighbours
  22. I’m too good at Lord of the Rings Trivial Pursuit so no-one wants to play me #HumbleBrag
  23. The Star Wars prequel movies *shudder*
  24. I don’t have 99 problems so my list isn’t complete!

That’s really as many as I can think of, which is good because, woohoo, my life is positive and happy.

I got 99 problems or have i |

I know my blogging friends like a challenge, so I tag the following lovely bloggers to share how many problems they have, will anyone manage 99?

Aby at You Baby Me Mummy
Amy at Mr and Mrs T Plus 3
Elfa at Californian Mum in London
Hannah at Mums Days
Katrina at Mum for Fun
Katy at What Katy Said

How many problems have you got?!

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A Sunday Photo – 26.07.2015


This week my fab friend Aby came to visit with her adorable little girl.

I’ve not seen her since BritMums last month and it was great to catch up while the kids played.

We threw them all out in the garden towards the end of the visit so they could bounce on the trampoline and play in the bubbles. I think we wore them out because by the end they all looked like this!

A Sunday Photo - 26.07.2015 | Children On Swing Seat |

Happy Sunday!

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