Summit Motion Sac Sleep Suit


I really do feel the cold, our sofa has 4 separate blankets on or next to it as I type this so I was very happy to be sent a Summit Motion Sac Sleep Suit  from Planet Camping to test out.

It’s basically a sleeping bag with arms and legs built in. There are zips at the end of the arms so you can free your fingers and the feet are detachable so if you’re camping you can slip your wellies on.

The Motion Sac is really lightweight but suitable for 3 seasons, so is suitable from 5 to -5 degrees celsius and it packs down really small thanks to it’s stuff sack, so it’s no hassle to carry around.

They come in two sizes, I went for the medium one and it’s the perfect size, there’s loads of room inside.

This sleep suit would be perfect for festival goers, as well as run of the mill camping. Night time trips to the toilet block would be a cozy doddle wearing one of these!

Now, as a family, we aren’t big campers so I wanted to see how useful a Motion Sac would be at home, so this weekend I spent some time coming up with alternate uses.

It turns out there are loads of things you can do with a Summit Motion Sac that don’t involve camping or even sleeping…

1) It helps you save money, instead of sticking the heating on you can crawl into the motion suit and still do all the housework!

2) You can totally put the recycling bins out in the morning and not feel the cold.

3) Fed up getting cold when you’re scraping ice off the car? A Motion Sac can help with that!

4) I imagine if we had a dog, it’d probably be the perfect dog walking coat and trousers combo.

5) I no longer work from home in my PJs, I can now feel like I’m still in bed by working in my Sleep Suit!

6) Next summer I’ll be able to stay out in the garden longer into the evening after dinner. As the temperature drops I can just zip myself up into my Motion Sac and watch the sun go down.

Summit Motion Sac Sleep Suit Review | snowingindoors (1)Summit Motion Sac Sleep Suit Review | snowingindoors (2)
Summit Motion Sac Sleep Suit Review | snowingindoors (4)

The Sleep Suit is genius, the kids love it and have asked for one each for Christmas, can you picture us all sat on the couch wearing them in a row?!

A warning though, the Sleep Suit does lead to you, or me at least, pulling a lot of daft faces. I think the shock of feeling so comfy whilst not being in bed sent me slightly doolally!

Summit Motion Sac Sleep Suit Review | snowingindoors (3)

What would you get up to wearing a Sleep Suit?

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Point + Shoot – 01.12.2015


Thank you to everyone who joined in with Point + Shoot last week.

This week I’m sharing my new Motion Sleep Sac with you, serious awesome invention!

Our winning post from last week comes from Emma over at The Joy Of Five, I love the sky in this photo, just beautiful.

I am very happy to announce that our favourite post each week will receive an awesome colour bright photo mug from the lovely peeps over at Photobox.

You don’t have to play every week, just drop by when you have something to share. You don’t need a fancy DSLR either, a phone camera works just as well.

As for the photos, they can be absolutely anything. If you saw it, or did it, at the weekend, then photograph it and link up.


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Kicking Off Christmas


This weekend I had great plans. I had organised for us to visit two separate Christmas Tree farms to take our Christmas card photos.

But the weather forecast was soggy and windy and on Friday, Photobox had an amazing deal on their Christmas photo cards which I’d have been daft to pass up.

So, I shelved our photo shoot plans, ordered cards with existing pictures and saved myself a bundle of money.

In the end we decided to put up the Christmas decorations instead and kick off the festive season.

We spent the Sunday in our PJs, and a giraffe kigu for me, we watched Arthur Christmas, listened to Christmas music and I introduced Annie to the Tomodachi Life demo on the 3DS, think we know what she wants for Christmas!

Point + Shoot | Kicking Off Christmas | (3)Point + Shoot | Kicking Off Christmas | (2)Point + Shoot | Kicking Off Christmas | (1)Point + Shoot | Kicking Off Christmas | (4)

I love how in the second photo you can see just how small the kiddos PJs are and that they only have nail varnish left on their big toes – I’m such a lazy Mama!

How was your weekend?

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Festive Food And Drink Guide


I love the food and drink associated with the festive season, here are some of my favourites.

Food and drink

Chewits Christmas Selection Box

I loved Chewits as a kid, and now my kiddos enjoy them too. This selection box is presented in a really nice fashion and is bound to be loved by kids and big kids.

Riverford Recipe Box

These recipe boxes contain everything you need to create gorgeous meals with no stress. They are perfect for those days in between Christmas and New Year when the last thing you want is to be cooking, but you still fancy something delicious and nutritious.

The boxes change each week and the portion sizes are amazingly generous, we fed the four of us with a box designed for two by just adding some extra veggies to the kid’s plates, and it meant they got to try food we’d have never thought to give them before.

Elizabeth Shaw Chocolates

The Elizabeth Shaw Christmas range this year is fabulous, the orange crunch is just perfection and the Winter Warmer Truffle collection is so festive and tasty. These make a perfect gift, or treat for you!

Peanut Hottie

Peanut Hottie is a peanut butter flavoured hot drink that is surprisingly moreish. It’s caffiene free, contains no artififcial additives, is suitable for vegetarians and under 100 calories per mug – perfect!

Echo Falls Tisane

For those who prefer something non-alcoholic there’s Echo Falls Tisane, a Zero Alcohol Sparkling Infusion, and at only 26 calories a glass, it’s perfect for those looking to treat themselves to glass of bubbles without the guilt.

Echo Falls New Red Fruit Fusion Flavours

As the days get shorter and the autumnal chill sets in, there’s nothing better than a night on the sofa with wine in hand, for a chilled out evening with the girls. Movies, gossip and delicious drinks are all on the agenda. From warming Winter Spice to rich Cocoa and Orange, Echo Falls’ new range of red Fusion’s is the perfect antidote to cold winter nights, so gather your friends and enjoy a cosy evening of blissful indulgence!


Babycham was launched nationally in the UK way back in 1953, and was possibly the single most significant innovation in the drinks industry at its time and is still going strong.

After 60 years Babycham continues to sparkle. It has unrivalled heritage and is always in fashion. Babycham is ready to party!

Glogg Kit

Home made glogg spices for glogg (Swedish mulled wine) making. This exclusive blend was made in Gothenburg.

Scandinavian Jam Trio

Three gorgeous jams in a beautifully presented gift box. A great gift for any foodie in your life, the pack contains:

Felix Cloudberry Jam: A Scandinavian jam regarded a delicacy – a golden, tart berry similar to physalis and raspberry in flavour but really – a flavour like nothing else.

Felix Wild Lingonberry Jam: A must with Swedish meatballs, this thick jam is made from wild Swedish Lingonberries.

Felix Wild Blueberry Jam: Made from wild Swedish bilberries this jam is intensely flavoured and works a treat with pancakes.

Cailler Chocolate Range

Cailler are a range of luxury Swiss chocolate boxes and bars created from ingredients of rare distinction and anyone would be happy to find some under the tree.

Dark Horse Wines

Dark Horse is a complex yet versatile wine which is bold in flavour and stylish and contemporary in design. A premium wine under £10 that surprises and delights by exceeding expectations with exceptionally good tasting wines that outperform in price.

With its bold Cabernet Sauvignon and rich Chardonnay available on supermarket shelves now.

Blue Nun

Blue Nun Original Family Tradition. This is a new limited edition wine with a charming retro design, in the iconic, blue glass fluted bottle.  It’s deal for entertaining over the festive period with its easy going style, really delivering on taste for family get togethers.

It’s affordable price makes it a great stocking filler for adults, and brings a touch of nostalgia that parents and grandparents alike can reminisce on much loved brand with a fresh and fruity taste.

Nakd Christmas Pudding Bars

Nakd bars are designed to be a tasty treat for those with and without intolerances or allergies. This Christmas Pudding flavoured bar is a 100% natural and combines delicious fruits and nuts, without any added sugars or hidden extras – the ideal sweet snack for on-the-go in the run up to the festive season.

Cherizena Christmas Coffee

The festive Cherizena blend is a real Christmas cracker…. with a delicious aroma reminiscent of plum pudding. With a delicious spicy, warming taste, the popular coffee is the perfect blend to give coffee drinkers the festive spirit.

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A Sunday Photo – 29.11.2015


Bostik Blogger Snowman bauble | Christmas Tree |

This weekend we decorated the house and the kiddos were very proud to stick this homemade bauble on the tree.

It was really easy to make but looks fantastic.

We rolled out some Fimo and cut out a circle and some stars and then baked them in the oven.

When they had cooled Annie painted the stars yellow and the circle blue. It took about 3 coats because my acrylic paints are a bit rubbish.

When Annie was satisfied she painted a snowman and snowflakes onto the disc. The snowman took another 3 coats of paint, I really do need to replace my paints!

As soon as the paint was dry she drew on the details with a Sharpie marker and I hot glued some twine to the back so it would hang on the tree.

What an easy craft that produced some lovely results, roll on Christmas!

Happy Sunday!

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Button Snowman Decoration


When I saw the theme for this month’s November Bostik Blogger challenge was snow I knew immediately what I wanted to make first.

I saw these button snowman decorations last year but didn’t have any buttons so have been saving buttons all year. Luckily there were some extra buttons in this months craft box so I finally had enough to make my snowmen.

This is a really easy craft and perfect for kiddos.

We threaded them onto a pipe cleaner but if you have any ribbons or festive looking twine then that would look lovely too.

Easy button snowman |

The kids had fun threading the buttons on and working out which order they needed to do it in.

We used a red button for the scarf, white ones for the snowman’s body and head and little dark purple ones for his hat as I couldn’t find any tiny black ones!

Using the pipe cleaner meant I could twist the excess around the loop to strengthen the hook.

This will look fab on our Christmas tree when we put it up later on today!

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