Toca Boo Review


Toca Boo Review Toca Boca iPad App

Ez has recently discovered the iPad and has a folder full of his own apps. Some of his favourites are by Toca Boca, who create gorgeous looking apps that hold his attention for ages.

Toca Boca have just released Toca Boo in time for Halloween so when we offered the app to see what we thought of it I said yes immediately.

Toca Boo centres around Bonnie and her family who love to scare each other. Bonnie can hide behind things and then jump out to scare people, she can turn on lights and music, she can dance, eat food and the pet headless dog is brilliant.

The thing I love about Toca Boo (and other Toca Boca apps) is how open ended they are. They’re aren’t any rules, you get to float around the house freely and decide what you want to do.

This freedom and intuitive design makes it perfect for kids of all ages, Ez only turned 3 yesterday and worked out how to move Bonnie and make her explore and scare without any help.

Because there are no things to ‘achieve’ or power ups there is no frustration if things don’t go the way he thinks they should.

Toca Boo Review Toca Boca iPad App (2)Toca Boo Review Toca Boca iPad App (3)

To go alongside the release of this ap, Toca Boca have designed a range of spooky printables to download. The collection includes party hats, cupcake toppers, popcorn boxes, party invites and a ghostly wall banner. The printables look fab and would make any halloween party go with a bang (or a boo!).

Do your kiddos have a favourite iPad app?

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The One Where We All Get Sick!


With a title like that you just know it’s going to be a good post eh?!

Last weekend we took it in turn to feel poorly, there were tummy bugs, colds and head injuries to choose from.

Thanks to this we had a very quiet weekend. Annie created an activity folder, with drawings to complete and tasks to do. There was iPad time, napping on the sofa time, watching Jonny play Viva Pinata time, movie time and reading time galore.

What did you get up to? I hope you avoided all bugs and had fun whatever you got up to

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Point + Shoot – 28th October 2014


Top of the morning! Thanks to everyone who joined in last week, it was fab to read your entries and see the sort of things you filled your weekends with.

This week my post is small one thanks to a rather lovely tummy bug!

How to Play Along

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You don’t have to play every week, just drop by when you have something to share. You don’t need a fancy DSLR either, a phone camera works just as well.

As for the photos, they can be absolutely anything. If you saw it, or did it, at the weekend, then photograph it and link up.


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A Letter to Ezra


A Letter to Ezra Ez Bear Turns 3

Dear Ez Bear, tomorrow it will have been 3 years since you were born. Over the past 1094 days you have grown into a really cool, and unique, little human and we all love you to bits.

You have an intense obsession with Toy Story, particularly Toy Story 2, down in no small part to there being 2 Buzz Lightyears (your favourite character) and Zurg (your second favourite character) on screen.

Your imagination is crazy and I really enjoy eavesdropping on the games you play, the conversations between your toys are hilarious. You love pretending to be Buzz, a puppy or a scary monster but we’re never allowed to say that’s who you are, we always get told, ‘no Mama, it’s just Ez Bear, not monster really’!

If you go quiet I no longer worry that you’re creating havoc, I can be fairly sure it’s because you’re curled up with a book, Mr Dinosaur or some toys and entertaining yourself.

Annie is still your favourite person-in-the-world-ever-thank-you-very-much! You follow her round the house, copy all the things she does and get sad when we have to leave her at school. You’d love to be able to go to school with her or join in at kung fu, in fact when you watch her lesson at the weekend you join in from the sidelines, answering Sifu’s questions and doing the exercises along with the big kids.

In order to be allowed to play with Annie, you let her dress you up as a princess, wrap you in bandages as her patient, pretend to be her pet cat or baby. You only draw the line at letting her play with your big Buzz Lightyear toy or Mr Dinosaur!

You’ve always had a bit of a temper, you don’t hit people (so much!) any more, now if someone annoys you you call them, ‘Stinky Pete’, point at them like the monkey in Family Guy or blow a ‘rage raspberry*’ at them.

Potty training and the move to a big boy bed were no big deal to you, you rocked both milestones with ease.

You love cuddles, babies and helping people. You sing Twinkle Twinkle Little Claw (yet another Toy Story reference) to yourself at bedtime and think having your hair cut or teeth brushed is the best!

Having to return Lolly really upset you and you talk about her constantly. You can’t wait to get a puppy next year and tell me all the things you and, ‘Lolly Puppy’ will do together.

You are adamant that your given name is actually Ez Bear, you correct me when I call you a nickname or I tell you that you’re clever, or gorgeous, ‘no, I Ez Bear’. You always sound so exasperated when we get your name ‘wrong’, I can’t help but chuckle at you.

You are loud, can erupt with surprisingly huge burps and think farts are just hilarious. You are desperate to be a big kid, love stealing my black tea, think your tiger wellies are the greatest footwear on the earth and have a weird (but cute) obsession with globes.

I hope your 3rd birthday is totally mind blowing and amazing, I can’t wait to see the changes the next 366 days will bring. Have a fab day tomorrow my favourite little Bear xx

*A rage raspberry is a raspberry blown violently with a look of utter hatred, they’re very hard to keep a straight face during!


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Baking With a Toddler – Easy Cheese Puff Recipe


I realised the other day that I’ve done shockingly little baking with Ez. I didn’t do a lot with Annie (thanks mess phobia!) but I’ve done even less with the Bear.

I decided then in a guilt induced haze that we must bake, so bake we did! I decided to start super simple so busted out this 3 ingredient cheese puff recipe.

I let Ez do most of the work and he loved every minute of it. He chose some spooky halloween cutters and some stars, cut the pastry (with a wee bit of help), put them onto the baking sheet, did the egg wash by himself and then smothered those bad boys in a lot of cheese.

I will admit that it was very hard not to step in and help more but I was very aware that I wanted this to be his project and I really didn’t want to stifle his enjoyment.

We rerolled the pastry as his cookie cutter placement didn’t make optimal use of the space – these thoughtless 2 year old eh?!  I don’t know if those broke some unwritten puff pastry rule but it worked fine for us.

He was so excited to watch them go into the oven and I have to say that the finished puffs were delicious, they barely lasted until lunchtime the next day.

Recipe after the photos…

Baking with a toddler cheese puff recipe cooking with kids (1)Baking with a toddler cheese puff recipe cooking with kids (2)Baking with a toddler cheese puff recipe cooking with kids (3)Baking with a toddler cheese puff recipe cooking with kids (4)Baking with a toddler cheese puff recipe cooking with kids (5)Baking with a toddler cheese puff recipe cooking with kids (12)Baking with a toddler cheese puff recipe cooking with kids (9)Baking with a toddler cheese puff recipe cooking with kids (6)Baking with a toddler cheese puff recipe cooking with kids (7)Baking with a toddler cheese puff recipe cooking with kids (13)Baking with a toddler cheese puff recipe cooking with kids (8)Baking with a toddler cheese puff recipe cooking with kids (10)Baking with a toddler cheese puff recipe cooking with kids (11)


  • 1 pack of ready to use puff pastry
  • 1 egg
  • Grated cheese (I bought the pre-grated stuff, lazy but awesome!)


  • Preheat your oven to 180 degrees celcius
  • Unfurl your puff pastry and go mad with the cookie cutters
  • Place the pastry shapes on a sheet of baking parchment
  • Beat the egg and brush over the pastry shapes
  • Cover in cheese, as you can see above there’s no such thing as ‘too much’
  • Bake until the cheese is bubbly and the pastry has puffed up

Ensure you pull a ‘woohoo I did it’, fists in the air type pose before putting them in the oven, as demonstrated above!

What is your go to baking with a toddler recipe?

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