Moving Pictures – September


If you’re reading this then you survived the summer holidays! You should pat yourself on the back for that!

My video this month is a roundup of our summer holiday, we might not have ticked off every item on our bucket list thanks to the rubbish weather, but that didn’t stop us having an amazing 6 weeks.

Summer Holidays 2015 |

We met up with friends, went on a road trip to the beach, stayed with friends and fed ducks, bounced and played in the garden, Ezra did some singing, Annie did some dancing and we all had a blast!

This month I get to send you lovely readers over to Aby’s blog to enjoy her movie.

We would really love it if you would share one, or more, of your videos with us using the linky below.


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Autumn Come Early


The weather this weekend was the very definition of autumnal, grey skies, drizzle with dark mornings and nights.

As my back was still bad and school starts up later in the week, we spent our time catching up on housework and chores.

Jon and Ez whipped up a delicious apple cake and Annie spent some time on Minecraft creating a huge wooden house on the shore of a lake.

Autumn Come Early | Point + Shoot photo linky | Autumn Come Early | Point + Shoot photo linky | Autumn Come Early | Point + Shoot photo linky |

I split my time between lying on the floor, eating apple cake and lying on the floor some more!

What did you do this weekend? Link up any blog posts or photos from the weekend with Point + Shoot, I’d love to see what you got up to.

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Point + Shoot – 01.09.2015


Thank you to everyone who joined in with Point + Shoot last week.

My post this week is another quiet one thanks to the joy that is a bad back!

Our winning post from last week comes from Mommy’s Little Princesses, I love the girl’s expressions in this photo and their gorgeous outfits.


I am very happy to announce that our favourite post each week will receive an awesome colour bright photo mug from the lovely peeps over at Photobox.

You don’t have to play every week, just drop by when you have something to share. You don’t need a fancy DSLR either, a phone camera works just as well.

As for the photos, they can be absolutely anything. If you saw it, or did it, at the weekend, then photograph it and link up.


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My Friend Freddy Bear Review


Last week we were lucky enough to be sent a My Friend Freddy Bear to review, a toy that is sure to be one of the best sellers this Christmas.

Freddy is a totally modern bear, who connects to your phone or iPad using bluetooth. The set up is easy, you enter the child’s details into the app, which can be done before Freddy is even taken out of his box, put 3 AA batteries into Freddy and then you’re ready to go.

When you pair Freddy with your bluetooth device he goes from being ‘just’ a talking toy into being a friend for your child (or as close as you can get until household robots are commonplace!).

My Friend Freddy Bear Review |

He comes with 3 games, and you can alter the difficulty settings for these to make it more age appropriate so Freddy really does grow with your child, a feature that I love. Ezra’s favourite is the underwater animals jigsaw puzzles and I like the fact that he is learning about these animals from the facts Freddy tells him.

Freddy also tells stories that you can read along with on your bluetooth device and you can add family photos and details to the app and Freddy will talk about those people to your child. This is a great feature, especially if you have family or friends who don’t live nearby, we have photos of Ezra’s Nanny and Nandad in there and he loves it when Freddy talks about them.

The thing that blew both kiddos minds though was when Freddy came out with facts about, and questions specific to Ezra and our family. Even Annie, at age 6 was trying to hold a conversation with Freddy!

Another favourite feature is that you can pair Freddy with your device and then play music, using him as a speaker. Ez is convinced Freddy knows all of his favourite songs and he dances around with him wearing the biggest smile on his face.

My Friend Freddy Bear Review | (2)My Friend Freddy Bear Review | (4)My Friend Freddy Bear Review | (5)My Friend Freddy Bear Review | (6)My Friend Freddy Bear Review | (7)My Friend Freddy Bear Review | (1)

Ezra is besotted with Freddy Bear, though his one goes by the name, Fred! I have overheard him more than once telling Fred that he is his best friend and they go everywhere together.

My Friend Freddy currently retails at £39.99 and I really do see him ending on a lot of letters to Santa this Christmas.

Disclosure: We received Freddy free for the purpose of conducting this review. My participation is voluntary and my opinions, as always, are my own. No monetary compensation was given.

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A Sunday Photo – 30.08.2015


I love this photo, it looks (to me at least!) like Annie is floating underwater instead of bouncing on the trampoline, which is apt because she’s dressed as Ariel from the Little Mermaid.

Sunday Photo | Girl bouncing on trampoline |

Happy Sunday!

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From The Cutting Room Floor


I love sharing photos of the kids on the blog, but today I thought I’d share a couple from the cutting room floor.

You know how it is, you say, ‘just one photo and then you can head off and carry on bashing each other and bickering’ and these are the results…

From The Cutting Room Floor | Out takes Of My Kids | (1)From The Cutting Room Floor | Out takes Of My Kids | (2)From The Cutting Room Floor | Out takes Of My Kids | (3)From The Cutting Room Floor | Out takes Of My Kids | (4)From The Cutting Room Floor | Out takes Of My Kids | (5)

Eventually I managed to magically click the shutter button at the one second there was no daft faces, bouncing, glaring, or anyone blinking or pretending to be a train and I got 2 passable shots!

Neither of them are ‘perfect’ but they both present an accurate picture of my kiddos. Ez loves pretending to be scary, but loves Annie more than life itself, and Annie is the queen of posing!

From The Cutting Room Floor | Out takes Of My Kids | (6)From The Cutting Room Floor | Out takes Of My Kids | (7)

Any outtakes you’d care to share with the group?!

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