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Things I Love – Volume 2


* I think we might be *this* close to ditching the buggy. Ez stayed in the buggy longer than Annie did because of the school run and the time constraints associated with it that we never had when she was little.

We’ve tried Ez on his scooter but he still has real issues with crashing into hedges! However, he seems to have got the hang of his balance bike all of a sudden.

Yes, we have to leave for school 15 minutes early, and the journey home takes 4 times as long as it did when he was in the buggy, but we’re getting there.

* The Enchanted Forest by Johanna Basford is a gorgeous colouring book. I can only colour in it when the kids are in bed though because they keep trying to steal it – cheeky buggers!

* My Bullet Journal. I have seen people using these for about a year and as an inveterate list lover, I was intrigued, but as a massive procrastinator I never got around to actually setting one up, until now.

I treated myself to a beautiful yellow Leuchtturm1917 dotted notebook, and bit the bullet (excuse the terrible pun!).

It’s a bit tricky to break myself of the notion that notebooks have to be pristine and only contain the neatest handwriting, but I love having all my to-do lists in one place so I can’t lose them!

* The weather is starting to look decidedly ‘nice’. Sunday was gorgeous and I really hope that the ratio of lush sunny days to cold dank ones will improve soon.

Things I Love - Volume 2 | Happy List |

* Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt on Netflix. This is my new favourite TV show, it’s hilarious and you need it in your life!

What things are making you smile right now?
Have you ever used a bullet journal?

Any advice on losing the buggy once and for all?

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Dinosaur Madness


Our house has descended into dinosaur madness. Ez Bear has alway liked dinos, but recently they have become his number one toy, his favourite thing to read about and watch on telly.

This weekend I decided to try and copy those amazing small world sensory bins you see on Pinterest, where people recreate dinosaur habitats using a few items from the garden and house that they just have lying around.

We already had the toy dinosaurs, so I bought a shallow storage box and put in my collection of heart shaped pebbles and the sea-shells we collected in Bognor Regis last year. I found a lump of wood and immediately ran out of natural, dinosaur-habitat type things!

I was struggling at this point, the kids knew what I was doing and were keen to be let loose with the box. In the end I stuck some yellow tissue paper in the bottom for a beach, cut out some scrapbook card with a wave motif on for water and added packing peanuts for no other reason than I had some in a cupboard!

In those Pinterest blog posts people write about how playing with the dino themed sensory bin allowed their children to explore and learn more about dinosaurs.

My two?

Well, they basically spent 5 minutes making the dinosaurs fight and eat each other, then they buried them in the stones and then they flew the dinosaurs around and divebombed the dinos on the floor.

It was less educational and more a scary insight into the minds of my kiddos!

Point + Shoot | Weekend Dinosaur Sensory Bin | Schleich | (1)Point + Shoot | Weekend Dinosaur Sensory Bin | Schleich | (6)Point + Shoot | Weekend Dinosaur Sensory Bin | Schleich | (3)Point + Shoot | Weekend Dinosaur Sensory Bin | Schleich | (4)Point + Shoot | Weekend Dinosaur Sensory Bin | Schleich | (5)Point + Shoot | Weekend Dinosaur Sensory Bin | Schleich | (7)Point + Shoot | Weekend Dinosaur Sensory Bin | Schleich | (8)Point + Shoot | Weekend Dinosaur Sensory Bin | Schleich | (9)Point + Shoot | Weekend Dinosaur Sensory Bin | Schleich | (2)

That massively cheeky grin on Ezra’s face was because Annie was making her diplodocus jump on a triceratops, apparently the height of humour if you’re 3!

Next time I will set this up in secret so I don’t have a tiny shadow constantly asking, ‘is it ready yet?’. I’ll also try and find some bigger stones and add real water instead of the lame, pretend stuff we ended up with this time.

Do you have any tips for creating sensory, small world play? I’ll accept any advice at this point!
Also, where do you buy toy dinos from that don’t break the bank, but also aren’t just neon orange plastic?!

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Bostik Blogger – Easy Easter Crafts


As part of the Bostik blogger programme we were sent a box of craft goodies to create some Easter crafts with.

We came up with 3 different makes, an Easter bunny made by Annie as well as a handy bag to use on her egg hunt and then Ez whipped up some egg bunting with a bit of help from me.

The Easter bunny’s body was made from a polystyrene egg painted yellow. We fashioned some feet out of a yellow pipe cleaner and some ears too, which Annie then stuck on with PVA glue, along with a pom pom tail. When it was all dried she stuck on some googly eyes, a glittery red nose and drew a bunny mouth with a felt tip pen.

Bostik Blogger - Easy Easter Crafts | (2)

The egg hunt bag captures Annie’s personality perfectly, it’s glittery, bossy and covered in fluffy pom poms!

She stuck a square of burlap on the front and then stamped it with a yellow bunny, which she adorned with a fluffy tail. She then went mad with the glitter pen and the pom poms.

I don’t think there’s any danger of us losing her bag at the egg hunt next week!

Bostik Blogger - Easy Easter Crafts | (3)

For Ez I cut out some egg shapes from card and then gave him some spring themed stickers, Easter shapes, a bag of sequins and a pot of glue.

The sequins didn’t stick properly so I jaid some clear tape over the top to keep him happy and save my sanity!

Bostik Blogger - Easy Easter Crafts | (1)

Our house now looks rather festive and ready for Easter. It’s lovely having crafts around the place that the kids have worked so hard on.

Do you have any Easter crafts planned?

Disclosure: The box of craft items was provided to free of charge by Bostik as part of the Tots100 / Bostik Craft Bloggers Programme.

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*Cough, Sneeze, Splutter*


I feel like I’m moaning about one or more of us being sick every week on the blog, and I’m afraid to say that this weekend brought more of the same.

We were all ill at the same time this weekend and it was mostly spent looking like this…

Yet Another Bug | Point + Shoot | sick toddler |

Ez had a fever, conjunctivitis and a sickness bug which he shared with me. Annie and Jon both had head colds and none of us felt chipper.

The most annoying bit, even though I was sick as a dog, I didn’t lose any weight, there must be some law against that surely?

I am hoping that this terrible run of health for us all means that by this time next week we’ll all be fighting fit and enjoying the Easter holidays.

What did you do this weekend?
Did you avoid the bugs and manage to enjoy yourselves?

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