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Annie and the Bobbit Worm

written by Em September 13, 2013

Jon was catching up on the internet yesterday when he read out a bit of a story about the bobbit worm, an aquatic predator that can slice it’s victims in half with it’s huge jaws.

They can grow to up to 3 metres in length and hide at the bottom of the ocean under gravel, waiting to surprise their prey. They’ve even been found in aquariums, eating the fish (warning this link will send you to photos of the hideous looking thing!).

As he was telling us about it I looked over at Annie. I was worried she may not like the idea of a huge, scary, underwater worm but turns out she thought it was awesome!

Ever since she and Jon have been pretending to be bobbit worms and crunching up me and Ezra.

Annie was so taken with the idea of the creature that she drew one and presented it to us. Apart from the feet at the bottom is a good likeness of this scary deep sea monster.

child's drawing of a bobbit worm snowingindoors

There was me concerned about my daughter getting scared, when all she was thinking was, ‘wow, what an awesome animal’!

Are your kiddos enchanted by scary creatures too, or just mine?!

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