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Annie’s Weekend Long 4th Birthday

written by Em June 18, 2013

On Sunday we celebrated Annie’s 4th birthday. It was a weekend long celebration because we had her party the day before and presents (& her best friend’s party) on Sunday.

I had originally planned on making a birthday cake but decided to forfeit the Mummy points and go with store bought the day before. I stuck a Rapunzel and Izzy (from Jake & the Never Land Pirates) on the top at her request and then we took it to the soft play centre ready for the big party.

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Annie, being Annie, had chosen a ‘pirate and princess’ party so went all dressed up and for the first time ever Annie had her face painted outside of the house. We’d been practising at home and it seemed to have paid off which made us feel very proud.

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There were party games, dancing, sliding, climbing, the aforementioned face painting and lots of food. It was so cute watching the kids tear around the place, dressed up to the nines and having a great time.

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Both kiddos had a fantastic time and we came home laden down with balloons, party bags and presents from her friends. I was very impressed that she put her gifts up on the shelf and didn’t really ask to open them.

We spent the rest of Saturday relaxing and congratulating ourselves on booking a place that did the prep and tidying up on our behalf!

I love making the kid’s birthdays and Christmases magical, so when Annie went to bed on Saturday I stuck a birthday banner up in the kitchen, put a helium balloon outside her bedroom door attached to a bag of new (to us) Snoopy toys. To this I stuck a long blue crepe paper streamer and ran it downstairs and into the lounge where I tied it to the handlebars of her new bike!

I think I must have been about as excited as Annie because I was awake at 5 and she woke up not long after. At 5.30 she could contain herself no more and crept out of her room.

We were ‘woken’ by her showing us each, individual, Snoopy toy. After we were all dressed we headed downstairs to follow the streamer and see what was at the end…

Then after opening presents and cards we went into the garden for a bit. Annie wanted to use her backpack and decided to team it with goggles, like you do!

We waited until a reasonable hour and then headed out so Annie could try out her bike.

Turns out it’s quite tricky to describe pedalling to a kiddo who isn’t entirely sure on left and right and I was worried it was going to be a bust, but after a blast on the play area she decided that she could pedal after all and rode all the way back to the car.

I only caught it on video, not camera, because I had a tired Ez Bear sitting on my shoulders, pulling out my hairs one by one and giggling to himself – evil child!

In the afternoon we went to Annie’s best friend’s birthday party. It was here I discovered that…

a) I am too old for bouncy castles

b) 20 month old’s are not fab at pass the parcel

c) a room full of screaming 3 and 4 year olds is my kryptonite

d) the way to Annie’s heart is not chasing her with a plastic dinosaur until she asks you to stop and then asking her to visit you tomorrow (poor little boy)

e) the birthday girl’s Mum makes the best rice crispy treats in the world ever.

When we got home Annie opened up the gifts from her party and then blew out the candle on her cupcake wearing her new Tinkerbell PJs.

Both kiddos had an amazing weekend but I am totally bushed. I spent yesterday morning incorporating the new toys, games and books into the existing storage, thinning out some older toys in the process, crushing cardboard, assembling intricate Playmobil kitchens and falling off the new skateboard when I was showing off to Annie in the hallway!

Annie says that since turning 4 she has gotten taller, her hair has grown even longer and she feels different in her tummy, all good things apparently.

What is your favourite birthday tradition / memory?

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