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Best Party Bag Ever!

written by Em June 25, 2013

Annie went to a birthday party at the weekend and as we left she was handed the best party bag ever!

Inside this little bag of awesomeness was, a duck call shaped like a duck bill, wind up chattering teeth, a stretchy dinosaur, a magic ball blow pipe and a little pack of Smarties. I necked the chocolate on the drive home, please don’t judge me, I was starving and I let her share my ice cream later to make up for it!

The duck call was fab. I don’t have a problem with ‘noisy toys’, after all childhood is the only time you can make loads of noise and run around like a loon so why not make the most of it. Annie tried luring ducks into the garden with it but it didn’t work – surprisingly.

Annie is normally not very good at sharing this kind of thing but she let Ez play with all of the toys. His favourite was the ball blow pipe and he spent all day yesterday trying to make it work.

There were two immediate problems with this 1) being only 20 months old he just doesn’t have the puff required to lift the ball. 2) he is too young to understand that if he tips the pipe the ball will fall out.

This lead to a hilarious morning of Ez trying to make the ball hover, it simply falling out and then him chasing it all around the conservatory.

All the bits in this party bag are still in one piece despite both kiddos playing with them and now I have an idea of the sort of things I want to put in a party bag the next time I need to.

I liked the fact that it wasn’t all sweets, none of the toys disintegrated as soon as we got them home and they were things the kiddos actually wanted to play with. The stuff in the party bags after Annie’s party was dire, all my two wanted were the stickers (sorry anyone who may have gone to that party!!)

What is the best / worst thing your kiddo has brought home in a party bag?

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