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Brio Monorail Airport Review

written by Em November 5, 2013

Recently we were sent the Brio Monorail Airport set for review. The kids were overjoyed when a big parcel arrived from The Toadstool and, to add to the magic, Niki had wrapped up all the boxes so it was just like Christmas. We were also lucky enough to be sent the track expansion set and the extra wagon (with flight attendant).

The set is aimed at ages 3 and up but Ezra, at only 2, adores it while 4 year old Annie could make the track, even the bridges, without help.

The track has a single raised bar instead of a traditional wooden train track design and instead of wheels the wagons have rollers.

The first time we set this up I stood back and watched the children play together with the basic set for an hour and 40 minutes with the no signs of boredom, whinging or fighting over the pieces. Each subsequent time this has been built it has held their attention for at least an hour.

Annie enjoys making the long track including all the expansion set, as well as a smaller, flat circular track depending on her mood. She also really liked the figures, they have such detailed clothes and I really like the pilots moustache!

The track is a proper monorail (and is compatible with train tracks and regular trains) and comes with a battery operated monorail train and carriage. There is also a plane, wheeled steps, a pilot, passenger and a suitcase as well as an airport and traffic control tower.

The expansion pack is made up of 6 additional pieces of track and 6 bridge supports while the extra wagon set comes with a cute female flight attendant and wagon. The extra wagon set is small and perfectly ‘stocking sized’ for Christmas!

The plane is made from a mix of plastic and wood, which I couldn’t envisage working, but Brio have created a very natural looking product. The wood used is a sturdy European sustainably forested beech and the plastic is  non-toxic and free from PVC and phthalate. I’m not a fan of plastic and wood being used side by side, often the ‘fake-ness’ of the plastic clashes with the lovely natural wood but Brio marry the two together perfectly and the result is gorgeous with clean lines.

What I was most impressed with was the number of pieces in the set, Ez could be playing with the train and a passenger while Annie played with the train and airport, with no arguments. The track circuit is big enough, especially with the expansion pack, that both kiddos can be playing in different parts of the track without getting in each other’s way.

Over half the track is elevated and the bridge supports are really sturdy with little bumps on each edge to hold the track straight.

There are loads of lovely little touches, for example, the wheeled steps for walking the figures up to the plane are a fantastic addition and really bring the set to life. The door to the airport slides open and closed, theres an x-ray machine for passing the suitcase through and departure times on the wall.

I have not seen another monorail train set and the unique nature of the set really fired up the kiddo’s imagination. It looks beautiful set up on the floor and I can’t wait to incorporate it into a massive train set with our regular track in the next week or so.

I have put together a video review as well to help show you just how fab this set is…

The sustainable wood, extras and well made nature of the set account for the higher price tag but I can honestly say I believe this set to be worth every penny. What we have here is an exceptionally well made train set, with lots of beautiful touches and extras, that looks amazing, has no excess packaging and is so much fun to play with.

The kids love the Brio Monorail Airport set and so do I, it’s very well made, mixes natural and man-made materials in such a beautiful manner and is a unique toy. You can tell it is the sort of quality item that will last years and years and we are very, very happy with it.

Disclosure: I was sent these toys for free for the purpose of conducting this review. My participation is voluntary and my opinions, as always, are my own. No monetary compensation was given.

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