Easter Bonnet


This year is the first year we have made an easter bonnet. Annie was never interested in the idea before but, this year when I suggested it, she was more than up for it. So out we went to buy the bits we needed for our marvellous bonnet.

When we got home we sat down and got creating, soon Annie got bored and wandered off to play, coming back intermittently to steal fluffy easter chicks and point out that I was going very slowly.

Eventually I was finished. Triumphantly I carried the bonnet though to the lounge, expecting to be greeted with excitement, instead, in true 3 year old style, she refused to wear it, and when I did put it on her head she pulled this face…

easter bonnet

Luckily when it was time for nursery this morning she was all excited again by the thought of showing off her easter bonnet and put it on happily – phew!

Have you made an easter bonnet this year, and if so, was it better received by your kiddos?!

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3 Responses to “Easter Bonnet”

  1. Carin says:

    Lol. No, I’ve never made one with my girl. It’s not a tradition we have in Sweden and I don’t really get it, so haven’t bothered. She has made them at school though and seems to like making them (she loves crafting), but is not so bothered about wearing them.

  2. Em says:

    Annie normally loves any excuse to dress up but only if it’s her idea, ‘enforced’ dress up like this isn’t her bag!!

  3. Easter Bonnet says:

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