Garden Visitor


We went into the garden yesterday and Annie lost her ever loving mind because there was a ‘big grumble bee’ on the trampoline net.

On closer inspection it wasn’t a bee, it buzzed more like a hoverfly, was flatter, it’s wings were totally the wrong shape and had a huge long nose thing like a narwhale.

Please can one of my lovely readers inform me what the heck this little guy was. Should we have been running for the hills or was he a lovely visitor that we should welcome back with open arms?!

garden visitor

If no one can shed any light on the matter I shall assume I discovered a whole new species and name it, the ‘narwhale-Em-fly’ it’s mouthful but I see it catching on rather quickly!

Can you help identify this odd bug?

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2 Responses to “Garden Visitor”

  1. I no expert on creepy crawlies, but am a bit of a googlemeister. No picture, but this sounds promising – the Bee Hawk-moths may not be recognised as moths at all, as they look just like bumble bees, with fat furry bodies and transparent wings! From here – How curious!

    • Em says:

      Thanks Judith, I think that might be the guy, hopefully he’ll return and I can show Annie that he’s actually a moth not a bee and nothing to be scared of. He looks nothing like a moth so I’d never have found what he was, thanks!