My 1980’s Accessory – My Filofax


It’s no secret that I love to write a list, heck I’ve even written a list of all the lists an event would need!

I own loads of notepads with a single list in them, or worse, totally blank. I hate writing in new notebooks so my lists end up on scraps of paper, which is no way to treat a list.

My lists have to be hand written. I find it all to easy too dismiss a reminder on the iPhone whereas something hand written feels like a law, I can’t leave those things undone.

To deal with this I splashed out on the most 1980’s accessory I could think of (after those huge ‘mobile’ phones and shoulder pads) – a Filofax.

I wanted somewhere I could keep my lists all together and tidy. Also I’ve been forgetting to update the diary on my iPhone so have been missing events and appointments, so I wanted a diary I could physically flick through and see what’s coming up.

Turns out there is a huge number of people who love their Filofaxes. There are loads of blogs on the subject, Facebook groups on decorating your diary pages or the art of wash-taping your Filofax, it’s like a dark art!

The added bonus of using a Filofax is that I’m able to feed my stationery addiction that I’ve been ‘struggling’ with since I was a kid. Did you know they make magnetic paper clips? Well now you do, I bought some from Paperchase and they’re adorable! Neon sticky flags in the shape of arrows? I own those too now.

Jon thinks I’m slightly loony (I added the ‘slightly’ to make myself feel better, I suspect he thinks I’m fully blown crazy at times!). I didn’t want to use the dividers that came with it so I spent a week working out what sections I thought I’d need, then designed some in Photoshop, added family photos, printed them and added contact paper. I’m really happy with the results, now I’m just waiting for my hole punch to arrive so I can finally start using them.

filofax pink domino personal 1980's accessory

I have big plans for my Filofax but I need to give her a name first, that’s normal right?

Are you a list writer and if so do they have to be handwritten or are you more relaxed than me?
Do you name inanimate objects like I do? Please help with name suggestions for my Filo.

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4 Responses to “My 1980’s Accessory – My Filofax”

  1. Carin says:

    Nope, not loony in the slightest (can you tell I’m a paper/ stationery/ Filofax fan too?!)

  2. Em says:

    Thanks Carin! I think I’m going to call her Florrie or Flossie

  3. Paula Gibbens says:

    I think Amaranth could be a good name. It can be various shades of pink/red. It’s also the name of a city in the children’s book The Wind Singer by William Nicholson. The guy who also helped write the screenplay for Gladiator.

  4. Em says:

    Thanks Paula, that’s a great name choice :)

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