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My Top 5 Pick Me Ups

written by Em March 12, 2013

Sometimes I wake up in the morning and I can feel something unpleasant at the fringes of my mind. Mornings like this I know I need to get up with a spring in my step and work hard to chase away those feelings or else end up sunk in depression for the day.

So here are my top 5 pick me ups for mornings when all I want to do is go back to bed and hide under the covers:

  1. We buy the kids the most lovely smelling shampoo ever, so on a rubbish morning I treat myself and steal some of┬átheir shampoo. Who wouldn’t feel happier knowing they smelt of strawberries?
  2. Get out of the house – seriously, going anywhere is better than being stuck indoors feeling low. Normally I’d go to the park but recently with the resurgence of my anxiety we head to the supermarket to browse the toy and fancy dress selection.
  3. Get some exercise, instead of sitting and watching the kids run laps around the garden, I get up and chase them. Doing something that leaves me feeling short of breath (even if it’s that horrible 30 Day Shred DVD) always leaves me feeling better.
  4. Tidy up, for me (& i realise this may not apply to any one else!) I always feel so much better when my house is clean and tidy. A tidy house, a tidy mind certainly applies to me.
  5. Ask Annie what she likes about me as a Mummy. Annie is 110% brutally honest, about everything and she never fails to make me smile with the things she notices and tells me. Last month she told me, ‘when you’re in your pyjamas you smell quite terrible, but now you’re dressed you smell lovely’. Turns out she didn’t know what terrible meant but I couldn’t help laughing at her bluntness and cheekiness.

Ultimately my two kiddos and Jon are the things that help me avoid a slump, and for them and that, I am eternally grateful.

my top 5 Pick me ups

What is your best pick me up tip?

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