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Out in the Garden

written by Em March 6, 2013

Spring finally seems to have arrived round our parts. Tress are starting to show blossom, the days are getting longer (thankfully) and the temperature is rising. Of course this means the kiddos now want to be outside more which can only be a good thing.

This year we have decided to spend more time getting the garden into shape, we’ve abandoned the plan for a bed along one fence in favour of more grass for the kids to play on. We’ll also bung a bench down near the play area so our old bones have somewhere to rest in the sunshine while the kids play or bounce on the trampoline. We also want to repaint the fence, tidy up the muddy patch down by the other fence (which will hopefully get fixed by it’s owner soon) and pressure wash the patio. Annie has asked to grow some flowers and veggies this year so we will need to create a space for her to do this.

In order to get the kids outside more often I’ve bought them an all singing and dancing, pirate ship shaped water table, one that Annie used to have in the toddlers group at nursery. I know they will both love it and can’t wait for it to be delivered, made, and then for the first warm day for it to be tested.

This weekend I aim to get out and wash the slides and seesaw over, clean up the trampoline and generally get everything ready for 6 months of hot, dry weather that we will spend outside (wishful thinking eh?!).

Yesterday we went out for a bit in the afternoon, Ez loved practicing walking in his wellies and kicking the basketball while Annie just loved running around while Ez and I chased her pretending to be monsters.

One of my favourite things is seeing what Annie decides to wear when we go out and for her trip into the garden she chose a summer dress with tights, summery hoodie and her ‘fluffy like a teddy bear (fuzzy gillet) with the obligatory welly boots. For Ez Annie chose his hoodie and wellies while I was allowed to chose my own clothes for once!

I am really looking forward to spending more time in the garden this year, just thinking about the kiddos splashing about in the paddling pool, bouncing on the trampoline and dashing around the lawn while we fire up the barbecue or kick back with a cool drink and a book sounds like heaven.

What are you most looking forward to about the summer?

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