Plane Vs Ferry to France


I’d love to take the kids to France next year, I think they’d love the food and I’d love the lovely weather and beautiful scenery. The big question about a holiday to France though, is how to travel there? Luckily I’ve found this helpful infographic to aid in planning your summer holiday for next year…

Ferry to France vs Plane

Image source: Brittany Ferries – Ferry To France VS Plane

I know which option the kids would prefer, definitely the ferry so they could pretend to be pirates and I like the idea of no luggage restriction past what I can stuff into the car!!

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2 Responses to “Plane Vs Ferry to France”

  1. Steve Morton says:

    I prefer the Newhaven Dieppe route myself. Brittany ferries whilst offering a good service are over priced and the ports don’t offer me much advantage, Newhaven is better for us in UK and there’s not much difference in journey time between Caen and Dieppe.

  2. Emma says:

    I think I’d prefer the ferry or the chunnel over a plane any day. All I’d say is that if you go with a ferry pay the extra for a cabin if you’re doing a crossing more than a couple hours. It’s nice to have your own space to retire to and for kids to have a sleep. We used to do the 6 hour crossing with the caravan and I always slept in the cabin to overcome sea sickness.

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