Reasons my son cried before 10am this morning…


One area that Annie and Ez are very different is in their reaction to when things aren’t going their way. Annie is far more likely to take herself off, have a little mope and come back whereas Ez is all about the drama!

The slightest thing can set him off, he’ll yell, cry, fake cry, drop his chin to his chest and sulk, hit whatever inanimate object is nearby, throw Mr Dinosaur onto the ground or simply crumple to the floor.

As quickly as the rage descends it’s gone again and he’s onto the next thing. Most of the time it’s funny to see him try and guilt me into giving him what he wants (doesn’t work!) and sometimes it can be very hard not to giggle at his OTT reaction to life.

Reasons my son cried before 10am this morning…

  1. He couldn’t brush his teeth the very second he wanted to
  2. He finished his breakfast
  3. I gave him the welly boot he asked for
  4. I wouldn’t let him bash his sister with a plastic Donald Duck toy
  5. I wouldn’t let him hold my cup full of hot tea
  6. We left Annie at nursery
  7. I put him in his car seat
  8. I wouldn’t let him sit down on the zebra crossing
  9. I wouldn’t let him hold the box of eggs in the supermarketcrying toddler reasons my son cried before 10am this morning
  10. I stopped him licking the oven
  11. I wouldn’t get him another snack
  12. I reminded him that he’s not allowed to open random kitchen cupboards
  13. I wouldn’t let him go in the garden in just his socks
  14. He tripped over
  15. The square shape wouldn’t fit into the round hole on the shape sorter
  16. I took away the bit of last night’s dinner he found on the floor under the table

Reasons my son smiled before 10am this morning…

  1. Every thing that wasn’t one of the above!

Are your kiddos calm or the king or queen of drama?


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9 Responses to “Reasons my son cried before 10am this morning…”

  1. Emma says:

    Who knew you could cram so much in before 10am!? He’s going to love you showing his future girlfriends photos and/or videos of him pouting too ;-)Mum held a video of David having a tantrum on the floor over him for many years as a threat to make him behave!

  2. Em says:

    We get most our day out the way before 10 so we can then chill out and relax. I don’t do it for bribery (yet!) I want to remember everything about him at this stage, even the ridiculous drama and meltdowns, because too soon it’ll be over and he’ll be onto the next stage of growing up.

  3. What a busy chap! So much to melt down about before 10am… i can’t believe you wouldn’t let him lick the oven, mean mummy! LOL!
    What must be going through their little heads? Mind you i have days where i could act like that but now i am a grown up, it’s not very socially acceptable! x

  4. Em says:

    I know Amy, I bet our oven tastes delicious too ;-) I wonder what the kids would think if we melted down when we didn’t get our way, something tells me it wouldn’t change anything!

  5. Carin says:

    Oh, I just saw this and it cracked me up. Love the lick the oven thing! We were talking to some friends the other day and my husband said about Kirby being much steadier on his feet than Aoife at the same age. I said he wasn’t, he just doesn’t scream blue murder for half an hour every time he falls over or something doesn’t go his way like she did. She’s still a drama queen. He cries, but it ususally blows over really quickly.

    • Em says:

      Annie used to try and lick the oven too, I can only assume it’s because it’s reflective. Isn’t it odd how two siblings can be so different? Bless them :)

  6. debbie drysdale says:

    Ha ha this is exactly like Oscar! He can get himself so upset over the slightest thing, usually because I’ve done something for him that he wants to do himself! We have certain routines, i.e. He HAS to open the garden gate, he HAS to open the car door, and he HAS to climb in his car seat himself. I know his little routines, but daddy often forgets which creates chaos!! They’re funny little things! But at the same time he’s so fickle and quickly forgets the upset with the smallest distraction!

  7. Em says:

    That’s part of the problem Debbie, if i forget and do something that he enjoys I get it in the neck!! I do love how easily distracted they are though, cars and birds will take Ez’s mind off the biggest problem ;-)

  8. Your post has made me feel a whole lot better after our morning full of crying. It was hunger related but any attempt at offering Tilly food she asked for, might like it indeed if anything happened or didn’t happen she got cross. It took several servings of food to turn the situation around. This is just another phase right?!

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