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written by Em August 26, 2013

I was tagged last week by the fab, The Reading Residence to say what 3 thing’s I’d put into Room 101 given the chance.

I thought this would be quite easy, and I’d probably have trouble narrowing my list down to just 3, but for once I had the opposite problem, I realised that I’m far more laid back, and less easy to wind up than I used to be. Don’t get me wrong, I still came up with 3 things, it just took a bit longer than expected.

  • Non-parents parking in Mum and baby spots. This winds me up to the point where I will go and ask a person where their kiddo is as they walk away from their car. Normally it’s ‘busy young professionals’ who don’t have time to walk the extra 15 metres from a normal spot to the store entrance. The other people are owners of posh cars who need the extra space around their vehicle so it doesn’t get scratched. This annoys me so much I am considering having post cards printed to stick under people’s wind screen wipers asking why they’re such thoughtless numpties.
  • People who eat with their mouths open. Oh my word, don’t thy know what their lips are for? So I can’t hear or see what they’re chewing! It really turns my stomach and the noise of someone chomping away usually results in me getting up and moving away.
  • Inconsiderate neighbours. I’m not talking about the people who hoover before 8am or mow their lawns after 8pm I’m talking about neighbours who use power tools after 9.30 at night despite knowing you have two kiddos who are trying to sleep. Neighbours who burn old milk bottles and nappies in their back garden at the height of summer creating a horrible smelling smoke that pours in through your windows. There are people on the street I grew up in who have huge parties late into the night, park in front of our other people’s driveways, try to shoot seagulls with air riffles and miss cracking windows in other people’s houses and are generally selfish, inconsiderate idiots. I am also talking about neighbours who promise to fix their fence at the start of the summer, don’t, let it fall down even further, apologise and promise it’ll be done that week (on two separate occasions) and then don’t bother finishing the job.  – those kind of neighbours

Room 101 inconsiderate neighbours broken fence snowingindoors.com-1Room 101 inconsiderate neighbours broken fence snowingindoors.com-1

What would you put in to Room 101? Do you agree with my choices? Have your say in the comments below.

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