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Summer Bucket List 2013

written by Em May 1, 2013

We are a pretty regular family of 4, there’s Annie who is so very nearly 4 and a perfect mix of daredevil, princess and tomboy. Ezra is 1 1/2 and a dinosaur obsessed little guy who tries to copy everything his big sister does. Jon is my camera shy husband, often to be found cooking lovely dinners and being used as a human climbing frame while I am on hand to photograph the madness. And yes, we all love to rock a comedy moustache from time to time (except Ez who was poorly and wanted nothing to do with a family photo, ‘taches OR fun!!!)

snowingindoors family photo summer bucket list

This is the last summer before Annie starts school and so I want to make it an amazing one for her (and the rest of us too!). Also, as a Mum who suffers from anxiety, I find the best way to get out of the house and have fun, despite my illness, is through lots of forward planning and lists.

The magic of the summer bucket list challenge is that the kiddos get excited about the things we have planned, which in turn, energises me and makes it easier for me to leave the house. Having the list up on the wall maintains a high level of excitement and makes sure we don’t forget to do any of the activities.

We took part in the summer bucket list 2012 and it was so much fun. We ended up going out more, visited new places and created some awesome memories to tide us through the winter. We did a big garden treasure hunt for Annie, picked fruit, flew a kite, baked and cooked and spent lots of time outside playing. Annie loved having the bucket list on the wall, it sponsored so many conversations at mealtimes, discussing the things she was excited about doing and remembering the things we’d already done.

This year our list is made up of the following activities…

  • Turn the garden into a water park
  • Have a lounge, blanket fort camp-out
  • Visit the beach
  • Visit a forest
  • Bubbles
  • Make and play with pavement paint
  • Make and play with cloud dough
  • Giant ice-cube excavation
  • Fruit picking
  • Pirate water table
  • Sparklers
  • Eat watermelon
  • Put on wellies & play in the summer rain
  • Got to the library
  • PJ day
  • Visit Stratford-upon-Avon
  • Bake ‘angry birds’ pizza
  • Have a picnic
  • Spend a day splashing around at Welly Boot Land
  • Visit a stone circle

summer bucket list

We’re not starting our challenges until the end of May but the kids are so excited about the list and the good wether that we’ve started ‘practising’ ready for the summer.

One of the best things about having the list up on the wall is how it’s helping with Annie’s reading, she’s recognising words from her sight words and picking up new ones as we have to read the entire list at least once a day!

My main aim with the summer bucket list is to get the kiddos outdoors, both in our garden, and outside of the house, so I have my fingers crossed for lovely weather and long, hot days. I have, however, remembered that we live in England and planned things that can be brought indoors should the weather be as bad as last year.

Roll on the summer.

What is on your summer bucket list?

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