Summer Bucket List – Eat Watermelon


I figured this item on our summer bucket list would be really well received. Last year both kiddos ate, and enjoyed, watermelon. At the barbecue on Sunday Ez ate loads of the stuff and Annie had come home from nursery professing her love for watermelon earlier in the year.

I took the time to cut into bear shapes, ‘tasty and cute to look at, I’m onto a winner here’ I thought cockily.

SUMMER bucket list eat watermelon (1)

When I put the plate down both my children reacted like I’d handed them the head of a puppy on a dish!! Annie appreciated the bear shaping but the rest was not welcome.

SUMMER bucket list eat watermelon (2)SUMMER bucket list eat watermelon (4)SUMMER bucket list eat watermelon (3)

Eventually they both took a couple of bites and said, ‘mmm, nice’ in the least believable way possible, then they headed out into the garden, ungrateful beasts.

I didn’t mind too much really, I love watermelon and was more than happy to polish off the rest.

Are you doing your own bucket list in 2013?

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2 Responses to “Summer Bucket List – Eat Watermelon”

  1. Carin says:

    Love the teddybear cutter, where did you get that from? This reminds me of the times Aoife has come home professing to LOVE tuna and sweetcorn. Maybe so, but not when I made it!

  2. Em says:

    The cutter is actually a rice mold (found here but it also makes a great cutter for fruit and sandwiches.
    My two are always deciding they LOVE something and then refusing to eat it again!!

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