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The Summer, Pros and Cons

written by Em July 12, 2013

I love the summer. As soon as the clouds clear and the temperature picks up my mood improves 1000 fold. I feel more positive and I can go outside without having to wear a vest, t-shirt, sweater and jacket (I really feel the cold!).

Summer brings loads of awesome things with it:

  • Annie sleeps later in the morning
  • days spent in the garden
  • paddling pools, sprinklers, water tables, sandpits and swings become everyday toys
  • ice creams and lollies
  • hazy blue skies that feel like they stretch on forever
  • BBQs
  • The kids can live in shorts, t-shirts and dresses and they both suit a summer wardrobe
  • the smell of a summer morning
  • light mornings
  • light nights
  • the light, full stop!
  • the summer bucket list

…and some not so great things too:

  • Ez Bear’s room turns into a tiny furnace and overnight reaches really high temperatures
  • I get all behind on writing blog posts and photo editing
  • My uneven tan leaves me looking like a poorly made (slightly overweight) patchwork doll!
  • edging the lawn, gives me blisters every time

Please note that this is not a moaning, ‘I hate this heatwave’ post, because that’s totally not true. As far as I’m concerned this shouldn’t be called a heatwave, it should just be called summer and it should happen every year between June and August like clockwork.

Summer is my favourite season and my only complaint is that weather like this happens far too infrequently.

the summer pros and cons jumping through sprinkler child playing sprinkler summer snowingindoors.com-1

Are you fan of this weather or are you longing for the sweaters and hot chocolate of winter?

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