Thoughts on Luck & a Cheeky Request


I never thought of myself as a very lucky person and so I never bothered entering competitions.

Then I watched a Derren Brown TV show called The Secret of Luck. In it the main guy in it never won anything and saw himself as unlucky. One of the other chaps in the town was perceived as being very lucky because he kept winning things and the only difference between the two was one entered competitions and took chances while the other man didn’t.

Something about this obviously stayed with me because shortly afterwards, just before Ez Bear was born I entered a Twitter competition to win a years supply of nappies and to my immense surprise I actually won. It was the best prize I could have possibly  received at that point and the timing was perfect.

I decided to try to win something again and so started entering competitions that sounded interesting. Since September 2011 I have won, a years supply of nappies, 3 rather posh reusable nappies, cuddly baby toys, an inflatable ride on horse for the kids, the Nuby Mummy blogger competition, a bespoke photo album and today in the post I got a little bag of marbles!

Obviously there is a theme to my awesome prizes, they are all kiddo related. This is odd because I’m also entering competitions that I would like to win personally but I guess that’s just how things work. In light of this I am going to ask you for a wee favour…

In the sidebar I have added a new button and, for this one post, it is also below…

I would really appreciate it if you could take a minute to follow the link and please vote for me. I know my chances of winning are teeny, but I’m learning that if I don’t take chances and enter competitions or put myself forward, then I never win anything. In return for your vote here is a photo of my tiny lucky oddball charm, thank you lovely readers :)

Lucky Kiddo

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4 Responses to “Thoughts on Luck & a Cheeky Request”

  1. we watched that Derren Brown thing too and I wonder if it had a similar effect on me – over the past year I have become a bit of a comp addict and far more of a ‘yes’ person than ever before and we have had so many amazing experiences and wins as a result! Funny what you say about the kid related stuff – the same thing has happened to us so I guess it is like someone out there knows what we actually need (rather than ‘want’) far better than we do ourselves. We were lucky with one of our early wins being a yrs supply of baby wipes and the delivery guy delivering them had triplets so we gave him one of the huge boxfuls, but the rest have lasted us pretty well. Good luck with the awards. x

  2. Em says:

    I know it’s just a case of trying out for more things, but I really do feel more ‘lucky’. Isn’t it odd about the stuff we win being kiddo related? Life is funny sometimes x

  3. I think the big positive is actually becoming a more proactive person with a more positive attitude (well for me it has been), but the downside is the ‘addictiveness’ of it. Hubby, brother in law and my in-laws have now started entering stuff too – so I am fearing that we are all going to need some sort of family therapy to be able to quit our addiction. hee hee. x

  4. Sharlini says:

    Well done on your winnings, eM! I haven’t entered as many as I used to because they’ve mostly turned to FB and winning involves needing the most likes/votes (which is prone to cheating). Have you checked out Loquax for more competition info?

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