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written by Em September 2, 2013

Like the most people, the kiddos enjoy watching TV. It’s also no secret that I’m a bit tight fisted when it comes to their TV allowance, TV time falls between 3-5pm and the rest of the time, baring emergencies, it’s off.

When Annie starts school later in the week this will all change. My plan is that the kids can watch a wee bit of TV when they get through the door with a snack to unwind and then it goes off so Annie can do any homework and the kids can play together.

Of course I’m prepared to admit this may not work and am keeping a totally open mind about changing our post school routine when we finally get there.

I love watching the kids watch telly. Sometimes they’re totally engrossed, mouth open, snack ignored, other times Annie will be talking to the screen answering Mickey’s questions. Ez might be dancing to the theme song from Totoro or Peppa Pig or re-inacting scenes from Cars with his toys.

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What’s you or your kid’s favourite TV show?

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