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I am a big believer in ‘everything in moderation’. I love a nice chilly glass of coke but do worry about drinking too much so was happy to spot the caffeine counter and work it out calculator on the Coca-Cola website.

Both of these resources had been mentioned at BritMums Live back in June along with ParkLives and I’ve found it useful since then to keep an eye on my intake.

The work it out calculator tells you what you’d need to do to burn off the calories from a can or bottle of Coca-Cola. You can choose from a variety of tasks and they are all achievable.

I love how the tasks suggested are things that are either easy to do, or things I would be doing anyway, such as vacuuming, stair climbing or gardening. There are also more ‘gym-centric’ activities such as yoga, circuit training or tennis for those with child free time or older children who won’t try and ‘help’!

Follow the link below to find out the sort of things you could be doing to burn calories…

The caffeine calculator gives you a list of caffeine free drinks, tells you facts about caffeine and lets you select what you’ve drunk to tally up your caffeine intake for a day.

I was really surprised to see just how much caffeine was in tea. I always assumed it was relatively low in it but apparently a cuppa contains more caffeine than a can of Dr Pepper or Coca-Cola.

You can download a desktop version of the caffeine counter to track your intake over a longer period and keep things nice and healthy.

Do you enjoy Cola? Would you use either of these resources to track your intake and help you stay healthy?


Please note this is not a sponsored post, I received nothing in return for sharing this information, I just think that both these resources are a good idea and wanted to share them with my readers.

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  1. Emma says:

    Tea is deceptively strong in terms of caffeine. I’m pretty sure it’s not that different to freeze dried coffee. I’m quite sensitive to caffeine so can’t have more than a couple of cups of tea in a day without feeling the jitters :s

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