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‘Home School’

written by Em January 3, 2014

Yesterday was Jonny’s first day back at work so I asked Annie what she’d like to do for the day, her decision? Turn our house into a school!

We spent the whole morning with Annie in her ‘new school uniform’ while she called me Mrs Teacher. She drew, practiced writing, did cutting and sticking to make a Christmas collage, read and even enjoyed a bit of PE and a hot dinner.

Mid way through the morning she informed me that it was time for free play and she wanted to build something with Ez. We all trooped through into the lounge with the Duplo and I sat back to see what they’d come up with.

This was one of those days where the coffee table paid for itself again. Annie built some steps up to the castle grounds (coffee table) and invited Ez to drive his train around the ‘grass’. Up on the table, the toys were just the right height to play with and the Duplo session lasted longer than normal as a result.

Annie is really, really missing school. She talks about it all the while, tells us what she’d be doing if it were a school day and generally lets us know that while holidays with us are fun, they’re not as awesome as hanging with her friends in the classroom!

This morning Annie is going to play with one set of friends and has written another friend a letter telling him how much she misses him. After lunch we shall be driving past his house to put it through the door.

The pair of them enjoyed their ‘home school’ day and I enjoyed watching them play together with minimal squabbling (thankfully!).

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