Impromptu Road Trip


This weekend we took an impromptu road trip over to Cardiff.

As we left home we explained to the kids that we’d be driving over the Severn bridge to get there and at every motorway bridge from Gloucester to Bristol Ez asked, ‘this bridge?’ while Annie shouted, ‘wow look at the bridge, it’s awesome’! Needless to say when they saw the real bridge they were very impressed.

impromptu road trip barry island beach playing paddling (4)

We explained to Annie that Cardiff was in Wales which was another country, a concept she only loosely grasped, as evidenced by remarks such as, ‘Daddy, you see that town under the bridge? That’s Wales!’ and, ‘Mama, where’s the car park for Wales?’!

I’d forgotten how much I like Cardiff, it seems much bigger than Birmingham or Bristol and has a more relaxed feel too. The first thing we did (obviously) was visit the LEGO store where the kids and I made minifigure versions of ourselves and drooled over the massive builds.

Then we browsed around the shops, spent a suspiciously long time in the Apple Store and enjoyed lunch in Pizza Express, where all the waiters sounded like characters from Assassins Creed II.

We decided that we’d then drive round the coast to Barry Island and visit the beach. It occurred to us on the way that this would be Ezra’s first visit to a sandy beach and the first visit that Annie would remember. When we arrived Ez Bear stood on the edge of the beach and asked if he could go in the ‘big sandpit’ which was both cute and sad at the same time!

There was a chilly breeze but that didn’t stop my 3 loony-loves pulling off their shoes and socks and enjoying a paddle. I say ‘paddle’, but that suggests that they only got their feet wet which you know wouldn’t have happened. Ez fell over at least twice, Annie splashed so much she was soaking from head to foot and Jon was just as wet as the kids. I was the sensible dry one, keeping hold of the shoes and photographing the insanity!

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After 20 minutes or so the temperature dropped, the wind picked up and it started spitting with rain so we headed back up the beach to the car. Luckily we had 2 blankets in the boot so we stripped off the little ones, wrapped them up and drove home.

It was a fab day out, the kids were well behaved, the weather was better than expected, the car park in Cardiff only cost £2, the LEGO store was awesome and we all had fun. By the time we got home we were exhausted, we managed to stay awake long enough to stick the kids in the shower and cook tea and then we collapsed onto the sofa for the evening – perfect day :)

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16 Responses to “Impromptu Road Trip”

  1. Karin Joyce says:

    Brilliant! The beach is the BEST for kids…and for us as well isn’t it? Something about the sound of the surf, the sand under your feet and the magical draw of the WATER! Lovely photos as ever Emma!
    :) Karin

  2. Manneskjur says:

    Fab! The best days out are impromptu ones. That is one impressive bridge, though it’s been yonks since I drove over it. I may have to take the kids over soon as Kitty is quizzing me about Wales and Scotland a lot at the moment. Finally getting the grip of geography so I feel I should encourage her!

  3. Beautiful photos – we’ve had some fab times on the beach this summer too!

  4. What a wonderful place and beach, it looks so love.y and your kids are having so much fun.

  5. Sounds AMAZING! I am so glad you had a fun day hun. The pictures are awesome, Annie looks like she is flying! xxx

  6. Cardiff looks ace. I would love to visit one day

  7. Loving the pictures looks like you all had lots of fun .x

  8. I love Cardiff and I agree the Lego store is fab. I only live about 20 miles away. Looks like you had fun at Barry Island.

  9. I’ve been to Cardiff a bunch of times recently (it’s only around 45mins from me) but I haven’t been to Barry Island ever! lovely pics x

  10. I love the photos of Annie in the sea, such total joy on her face. It souunds pretty perfect! They have a Lego store in Liverpool which we constantly go in and look at the death star, I love it! We definitley need to go and make mini figures of ourselves xx

  11. What a day! To be honest, crossing that bridge is enough of an adventure for me. I just love the aesthetics of it.

  12. Donna says:

    I love your photos of your Daughter running into the sea, she is just so, so happy and excited! x

  13. Wonderful pictures! And sounds like you had such a lovely day! I love how excited your kids were about the bridges. A country is a difficult concept to grasp :)

  14. Globalmouse says:

    What brilliant photos of pure happiness! I love going to the beach and also really enjoy going over to Cardiff. Looks like a great roadtrip.

  15. Sounds like you had a great road trip. We’re off to Scotland tomorrow on ours! Great pics

  16. It has been so long since we visited Cardiff. It really is a lovely city. Especially the bay.

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