Last Day of the Holidays


Yesterday was the last day of the holidays, after an awesome, and long, 2 weeks off for Christmas, things had reached an end.

I had pictured a perfect day, playing together, creating lovely memories and just soaking up the last hours before Annie returned to school. However I obviously forgot that we don’t live in a Disney movie because what actually happened was great behaviour, squabbling, snatching, playing nicely together, bossyness, not sharing, naughty mat visiting, sharing, singing and general 4 and 2 year old behaviour!

In short, it was a regular day in our house, with the kids being kids and me alternating between pulling out my hair at the insane behaviour and looking on lovingly as they played together so well.

I would have photographed some of the less wonderful behaviour but there were approximately 3 instances of sunshine during the day, one while I cooked, one when they kids were playing nicely and one as I was separating them after a full on wrestling match over a magnet they both thought was theirs (it was mine!!).

So instead of a glimpse into my actual day yesterday, you get to see pictures of happy kiddos playing nicely together in the sunshine. Try and imagine the polar opposite of these pictures 5 minutes after these photos were taken and then swing between those two mental images unpredictably and you will have a window into my Monday ;-)

last day of the holidays snowingindoors (6)last day of the holidays snowingindoors (5)last day of the holidays snowingindoors (4)last day of the holidays snowingindoors (3)last day of the holidays snowingindoors (2)last day of the holidays snowingindoors (1)

And yes, I know the Playmobil lady with no hair and 2 faces is kinda terrifying, I think that’s why Annie likes her so much ;-)

How was the last day of your holidays, Disney perfection or something more realistic? And if it was Disney perfection please let me know your secret!

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2 Responses to “Last Day of the Holidays”

  1. Your days sounds like mine! Fortunately, the kids play well together, but that just means they join forces to stress me out!

  2. Nik @ Through Niks Lens says:

    No I don’t believe it….there far too cute to misbehave!!! Hehe!!
    Bet it’s been quieter this week and Annie was excited to see friends. Won’t be long Em and we’re be doing our Sunmer Bucket Lists……6 weeks of fun & squabbles, I can’t wait!!! X

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