Mini Me?


Both kiddos have grown up having their photo taken daily and understandably there are days when they want nothing less than to be in front of the lens. Luckily this hasn’t put them off wanting to learn about being behind the camera.

Annie has her own camera and enjoys taking photos of things that she loves, so toys and snacks mostly!

Yesterday Ez made my heart sing when, after playing with his Plan Toys Camera, he asked to have a go with some of the real ones from my collection. His favourite was my Olympus Trip 35 because it looked a bit like the one on his t-shirt. He spent ages taking photos and making me say, ‘cheese’.

He enjoyed playing with the Nikon One Touch but it had no film in so he was a bit frustrated that it wouldn’t turn on. He really loved the Polaroid and Fuji Instax mini and we took a couple of selfies so he could see how magic instant cameras are.

vintage Camera toddler t-shirt love of photography making Mummy proud snowingindoors (3)vintage Camera toddler t-shirt love of photography making Mummy proud snowingindoors (2)vintage Camera toddler t-shirt love of photography making Mummy proud snowingindoors (1)

I can’t wait to see what hobbies the kiddos choose for themselves in the future, will they follow their Dad and learn a musical instrument or learn to code, or will they enjoy taking photos or spend all their spare time reading like I do? Or will they branch out and do something totally different like play sport or do dance classes?

Whatever they end up doing I’m sure that given how stubborn determined they are they’ll do well at it, and anytime they pick up a camera it will still make me smile.

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3 Responses to “Mini Me?”

  1. Kim Carberry says:

    Aww! How adorable!!
    I love his t-shirt :) x
    Kim Carberry recently posted…Braces….My Profile

  2. Donna says:

    So cute! LP has started coming over to me and saying ‘Take picture Mummy!’ and insists on me taking pictures of her whilst she’s taking pictures of me with her wooden camera. Love it! x
    Donna recently posted…Little Man’s Latest MilestoneMy Profile

  3. Sonia says:

    Awww his tshirt is gorgeous! My kids love playing with my cameras too but I love seeing them becoming their own little people and discovering what they love doing themselves :)
    Sonia recently posted…Things are never as bad as they seem…My Profile

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