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Ez is at that awkward age where all he wants to do is stand up, unfortunately he is a bit of a lump and my arms give up way before his desire to be upright does! This is when the jumperoo comes into it’s own. He’s just realised that he can jump up around but he’s still not quite old enough to be grabbing for the toys, you can plonk him down in there and he’ll keep himself occupied for ages, giving my poor arms time to recover.

The bonus of the jumperoo is that it wears him out and the super secret free gift from this? Sleeping babies in a jumperoo are one of the cutest sights ever!!

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Annie’s imaginative play has come on in leaps and bounds this last month, she makes up elaborate stories with bits cobbled together from her vivid imagination, Peppa Pig, Star Wars, real life, Winnie the Pooh or Ben & Holly, the results are eclectic to say the least!

She will play with her Peppa Pig toys for hours, lining them up, driving them to the park, putting them on the merry go round, then driving them home and letting them watch a bit of telly before putting them all to bed.

You will also see toys being put on the naughty mat if they do something wrong and this is possibly the funniest thing ever, watching her put on her stern voice, telling them off, putting them down and walking away before making them apologise for their various misdemeanours and giving them big cuddles. She is an ‘interesting’ view into how my parenting tactics are viewed by a toddler!

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Ezra is finally at an age where he enjoys just chilling on his play mat, he’s not really started reaching for the toys yet but I don’t think it’ll be long.

Yes his hands are slightly blue, I have no idea why as he was toasty warm, I think the poor guy just has dodgy circulation like his Mum.

Annie likes to ‘help’ him find his hands and is constantly hovering over him, grabbing his fists and pushing them into the toys, ‘good bashing Ez Bear’ she shouts triumphantly. It’s great too see how much she loves him, I just hope she always thinks he’s this awesome, even when he’s crawling and shoving all her toys into his mouth.

If Annie is around it’s a good bet that Ezra is watching her intently, I hope it’s because she’s interesting and he loves her and not simply that he likes to know where the highest threat-level in the room is at all times!

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